Chapter 35

A few minutes later I had stopped crying, Zoe helped clean the tears off my face since I couldn't raise my hands at all. I sniffed one last time, trying as much as possible to avoid her sympathetic gaze which might just make me burst out crying again.

"Hey." She called in a small voice, gently rubbing my shoulders. "Let me get you something to eat, you must be very hungry-"

"No, no. I'm fine." The last thing on my mind now was food. I just needed silence and nothing more.

"Bella," She called unsurely. I could tell there was something else in mind she had to say.


"You've been out for six days, you must definitely need food." Was I surprised? No. That's what he's best at, torturing me badly till I'm out for days. I'm pretty used to hearing that already.

I averted my gaze to the door when it creaked open and the familiar scent hit my nostrils even before she stepped into the room. Relief clouded her face immediately she spotted me. "Oh dear goddess." Linda rushed into the room, c
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