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EXCERPT FROM THE STORYHeart wrenching sobs tore from her throat as she laid on the cold ground, almost naked, shivering from both cold and fear. A fear that has become a part of her.Her knee to her chest and hands wrapped around her, dried blood and deep injuries all over her body. The dress around her barely shielded her nakedness but she could care less.All she could ever think of was death. Now she prayed for death to come take her, to come stop the torture and give her everlasting peace. She prayed for an end, for death, but it seemed everything now hated and deserted her.Her body was hurting badly from so much torture. Every part of her body was hurting and bleeding badly due to torture and the pain of being used mercilessly.Even her own screams of pain and agony echoed in her ears every single moment.The familiar loud thud came, followed by the voice that made her want to crawl into the wall and disappear. "Stealer." His voice echoed throughout out the basement, followed by
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Chapter 1
"Hair?" "Checked." "Lipstick?" "Checked." "Perfection?" "Checked." A tiny feminine voice replied, letting out chortled giggles. Bella rolled her eyes as her stepmother and daughter went on checking on every silly they found pathetically important. She stood still, tapping her foot impatiently. She just wanted to get this over with. "Bella." She took her eyes to her stepmother when she called her. "It's your sister's day." She spoke slowly, walking to her. "Be happy for her." She placed her hands on her collar, arranging it. "Or, at least, fake it." She whispered with a frown on her face. Bella heaved out a deep breath, looking everywhere in the room, except her face. "Yes." She answered and looked down at her feet. "Good." Arielle, her stepmom replied with a sly smile on her face. "Scent?" "I did not forget," Bella replied, clearly uncomfortable, or rather, doesn't want to be this close to her. "Mm?" Arielle raised her brows at her expectantly. "Checked," Bella replied, he
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Chapter 2
"Stealer?" Alpha Damien said in a low voice. "Yes, she is." Bella felt her heart sink as her stepmother replied. Oh god, why? Now, she better expect the worst. Her heart skipped a beat when Alpha Damien turned to look at her menacingly with a giant scowl on his face, his green eyes turning red immediately, and in the flick of an eye, his hands rose as fast as lightning, to her neck, strangling her immediately. Bella gasped, using both hands to hold his strong arm as he lifted her off the ground. "How dare you, you filthy stealer!" He growled, his fangs extending from his nail, piercing into her neck. Bella gasped holding tightly to his hands as all air cut out of her lungs. She felt hot tears at the back of her eyes when his fangs plunged into her neck. "Please." She managed to speak as tears clouded her eyes, her body filled with terror. Terror at the thought that he might just kill her. Unexpectedly, he threw her straight to the wall with full force, her body hitting hard agains
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Chapter 3
"We're giving you off to him." For about a minute Bella felt the world around her stop. Her head went blank, like she couldn't understand a word he said. "What do you mean?" She asked in a low voice, as she felt her heart clench in betrayal. Her world seemed to come crashing down around her."We're giving you off to him." He replied, his face still emotionless. Shrugging his shoulders like he just said the most common word ever."You're selling me off?!" Bella nearly screamed, throwing her hands in the air in disbelief. She ignored the pain coming from her broken arm, as it was nothing compared to the pain she feels in her heart."Yes." He replied simply, clearly not bothered. He sold her out, he wouldn't be.Tears clouded her eyes at his reply. How much does he hate her? To the point of selling her off. She tried to fight the tears, not willing to appear weak before him. But this was way beyond her. They never loved her, now they were selling her off like she's some commodity. "Wha
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Chapter 4
Waking up when the van hit a bump, Bella eyes fluttered open, she blinked repeatedly trying to clear the bluriness in her eyes. She sat up on the floor, listening to the voices chattering at the front side of the van. Mustering all the strength she could, she stood up slowly, ignoring the pains and burns she feels in her body and leaned against the side of the van slowly moving to the door. She stood on her toes, peeping through the small window to see they were trying through a lonely pathway she was sure let to the pack. Bella slumped to her feet, signing defeatedly. She was here already, bloodbath pack in Russia. The most dangerous place ever. She has heard a lot about it and never imagined herself here. Just the Pack's name was enough to send shivers down her spine. But she wasn't going to be a weakling. Even though she'd be considered and treated as a slave, she would try not to give up. She might be scared and terrified to her bones, the reminder that this man is not just an a
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Chapter 5
*A few days Later* Bella's POV Standing in the middle of the room, I allowed myself to drown into my thoughts. How much I wanted to disappear into the air and hide from these pairs of lustful eyes, staring intently at me. I clasped my fingers together, occasionally separating them to pull the gown down. It was of no use though. The gown stopped before my mid thighs and had a v-neck plunge line, exposing too much cleavage to the eyes of everyone in the room. I was frequently shifting from one foot to another, feeling really uncomfortable at the eyes boring into my skin. Trying to distract myself I ran my fingers on my hand just above my wrist. The scratch mark was slowly starting to heal up. I bit back a wince when my fingers glazed over the small deep wound. I remember the incident well, how can I forget? The next day after I arrived at the pack, the fake scent had already washed off. The guard must've forgotten about the stealer curse and barged into the room, probably to pass so
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Chapter 6
I remember every one of their warnings, I knew whatever would happen I would never expect it. But I think I prefer that to subjecting to them. I prefer whatever damage might happen that being locked in that dark creepy room for the rest of my life.A sharp pain tore in my head and it felt like I was thrown into a depth of me, where I had no control over myself. I felt trapped. I could see nothing but darkness. I could hear nothing. Just distant petrified screams and growls.I was expecting a stop, I wanted to be in control of my body and run far away from them, but when I realised I couldn't take control of my body, I knew I had made a mistake of letting her out in the first place.I tried screaming, but it felt like I had no mouth nor throat. She was in full control of every part of my body. The fact I had no idea of what she was doing bothered me the most. They said a lot about her, the stealer wolf. She was as bad as no one can ever expect. She's evil and cruel. She always thirsts
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Chapter 7
I woke up in a cell this time around, quite worse than my previous room. I laid on the ground for some minutes, not finding any strength to get up. It was dead quiet, like this was a different side of the building. I later discovered it was a basement, seeing a stairway leading up into the building.There was a small malfunctioning bulb in the cell, which kept blinking repeatedly, obviously bad. It was really cold down here.I slowly sat up against the wall, groaning loudly as sharp pains tore around my body. I looked down at my elbow which I remembered was completely damaged. A bile rose in my throat as I stared at it. Oh dear god, is this ever going to heal? I know if I don't get to see a doctor or it might get really infected. I knew if I were a real wolf I wouldn't bother about it. Hell! It would've healed by now.I can swear I've never been this way, ever in my life. I felt incomplete and useless and worst of all, weak.I couldn't heal fast and the bleeding hadn't stop. I felt lik
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Chapter 8
Damien's POVI walked out of the room to my office, slamming the door behind me. "Alpha-" Lucas tried walking into the room."Get out!" I barked angrily, glaring hard at him."Yes, Alpha." He bowed and walked out of the room.I ran my fingers through my hair exasperatedly and grabbed the flower vase on the table, smashing it across the room. My breaths were coming out in the pants, my nose flaring in anger. I wanted to destroy something. I growled and grabbed a wall art smashing it hard on the wall, completely shattering it. Yes, I'm totally mad I needed to break something. Why the fuck would she send me out of the room? She has no right to."Liar." I stopped when Dean, my wolf, scoffed."What do you mean?" I asked, panting heavily as I stood in the middle of the room."You're not mad at the doc Damien, you're mad at the stealer don't try to change it." He was totally right, but I'm trying so hard not to think about her or I might just end up killing her, and that would be really usel
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Chapter 9
"You must've felt really good after what you did huh?" My brows rose automatically immediately he spoke. I'll just assume he has no idea how this also affected me. I don't feel good about killing people, I never will.He scoffed and grabbed a chair and sat on it, directly facing me while I kept my head down. "I'm not gonna ask you why you did it, or why you tried to fucking runaway, I know what kind of a beast you are and trust me I know how to handle you." First threat! A bell rang in my head immediately. Did I really think he was just going to forget about it so easily? Well, maybe I did because I thought he broke me enough. I tried not to think further of what he meant by handle me, I didn't want to imagine all the almost impossible things he'll do to me. But a voice whispered in my head telling me, 'my cruel fate' just began and I started it myself."Why don't we start this conversation by telling you stupid you were?" He sat back on his chair and folded his arms, his gaze fixed o
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