Haneul's Pov (The Lost Prince)

“Young master, your breakfast is ready. It's time to get up and change your clothes.” I heard my butler, Mr. Kim, but I ignored him and buried my face in the pillow. “Young master? If you don't stand there in my count of three I'll be forced to call Ms. Young to wake you up, I bet you would rather not see her in the morning, do you?” When he mentioned the name of that witch stalker girl, I immediately got up and went to the bathroom, even though my eyes were still closed.

If there is one person I hate and don't want to see in this world, it is none other than Ha Young, or better known as Ms. Young. We were only four years old when we met. Our parents were friends, so we became close, and I always saw her irritated face.

Whenever I heard her name, I was terrified and my stomach felt like it was hurting as if I just wanted to vomit. It's not because we've known each other for a long time, but because I'm getting tired of her childish behaviors. She's too spoiled brat and immature. She's like a maniac stalker chasing after me wherever I go. Even in my dream, I see her as she chases me and calls me by my name over and over again.

“Haneul, you need to treat Ha young well because she will be your soon-to-be wife.” Mom said as we were in front of the dining room table. I seemed to lose my appetite for what she said, and I suddenly let go of the cutlery I was holding.

“What did you say? Who will I marry again? Did you say Ha young? But why? Why her? And who said I will marry her?” I inquired, and then she slowly looked up at me and lowered her cutlery to the plate.

“Me and Ha young's parents decided to marry you two. Do you have a problem there?” She said, and I frowned as I stood up.

“You? You must have been a concern in my life? And who told you to come into my house?” I said, and I seemed to insult her with what I said, so she suddenly stood up and gently wiped her mouth with a white handkerchief.

“Your home? As far as I know, you didn't use your money to repair and build this palace of yours, am I right?” She replied with a strained smile on her lips.

“You're right, but I didn't use your money to build my house either, so leave and don't come back here because you will never be welcome here in my house. Please don't wait for me to let you out to my security guards. So if you don't want to be embarrassed in front of them, just leave.” When I said that, she grabbed her shoulder bag and immediately left my house. I just took a deep breath and drank a glass of water.

“Are you all right, young master?” Mr. Kim asked me, but I did not answer him, instead I went to my garage to ride my motorcycle. Mr. Kim was still following behind me, and his eyes widened in shock when he saw me wearing my helmet.

“Young master, what are you doing? That's not your car, and why are you wearing your helmet?” He said, but I just handed him a black helmet for him to wear. At first, he was surprised and didn't say a word while holding the helmet, so I put it on his head, so we could leave right away.

“Wait a minute, young master. I haven't been able to move on since the last time I rode here on your motorcycle. Can we just move to another car of yours? I think it's safer if I'm the only one driving, what do you think?" He said, and he was obviously nervous that he would just think that I was going to drive a motorcycle. I know he's just trying to fool me because he's afraid to sit in the back, but because I'm in a bad mood today he can't do anything but follow me all day.

“If you don't want to come with me, I won't force you. Just stay here and guard the house because that woman can come inside again.” What I am referring to him is the woman I call mother. Then I got on my motorcycle and started the engine. I knew he was hesitant to ride behind me, but he did nothing but just come with me, unless he wanted to get fired by my Grandma, my grandmother. “Hold on tight because when you fall I'm not responsible for you.” I added before I executed quickly and to his surprised he suddenly hugged me tightly. I just shook my head and smiled because every time I use this motorcycle, he always hugs me behind my back while closing his two eyes.

Furthermore, I was only five years old when I met Mr. Kim. He stood as my father when my father died in a car accident. I believe it wasn't all an accident because my mother had something to do with it when she tried to run away and go with her lover. I was almost traumatized by what happened, and I never saw my mother again after all that. Two years later, she appeared to me again and insisted on taking me with her. But I ran away and complained to my grandmother, as I was trembling with fear. Because of that, Grandma took me to the United States where Dad’s family lives. I am Half-Korean and Half-American. My mother is Korean, and my father is American. Dad's family in America took me for a while. However I also left there when I realized that my mother was also looking for me in that country.

So, I talked to Grandma about that. I did not tell her the reason, but she agreed for me to live in England, and she had a lot of trust in Mr. Kim that he will never leave me.

I had lived in England for five years, but had also left that country when I discovered from my classmates that a woman was looking for me. Even I won’t show them the photo of the woman they’re referring to me, but I’m pretty sure who that woman is. So, I immediately packed my things and took Mr. Kim on my departure.

In every country, I was stranded to get away and just avoid my mother. But wherever I go, she always finds me. I can't help but wonder how she could find me wherever I go?

Did she put a detecting device in my belongings? Or did she hire a private detective just to find me?

Those questions of mine were only answered when I accidentally heard what Mr. Kim says while he was talking to someone on the phone. We were temporarily staying in a hotel in Dubai, and I was supposed to go back to our unit room, but I accidentally overheard their conversation. The door opened a little, so I immediately discovered it was him. I was about to go inside, but I heard my mother's name right from his mouth.

Because of that, I stopped and quietly listened to their conversation. I am now leaning against the wall from outside the room as I listen to him. I just smirked because it never crossed my mind to suspicious him. Furthermore, I have a lot of trust in Mr. Kim and I believe he could never do that to me, but I was mistaken about him. Because of that, I left alone and did not inform him of my departure or which country I was going to.

I got used to having him with me all the time, so I was a little sad to leave alone, and I was very hurt by what I discovered. I was boarding a plane to Korea when suddenly my cellphone vibrated and rang from my pocket. I noticed that Mr. Kim was the one calling me, and I wondered whether I would answer his call or not, but suddenly the flight attendant approached me to turn off my cellphone. Likewise, I immediately obeyed what she said and gave my cellphone to the flight attendant. At first, she was surprised and just stared at me. “Just take it. I don't need that anymore, and I'll just buy a new one again when I'm in Korea.” I said, so she smiled and accepted the cellphone I gave her.

Definitely, he installed a tracking location on my cellphone, so he can easily find me wherever I go. But he seems to have a hard time finding me now because I no longer own that cellphone.

Thereafter, I fell asleep. I didn’t notice the passage of time until I just woke up when I heard loud screams. When I woke up, the passengers inside the plane were in a commotion. Someone was crying, shouting, getting angry and traces of fears were on their faces. I looked at the man next to me and noticed that his eyes were closed as he prayed.

I stood up to find out our situation there, but as I stood up the plane suddenly sway to the right, so I fell to the floor. I immediately grabbed my seat and went back to it to put on the seatbelt again. Furthermore, I was trembled with fear, but I forced myself to calm down.

“We're all going to die.” Suddenly, the man next to me said, so my eyes widened in shock and I looked at him.

“What do you mean?” I asked him as I frowned because I was so nervous about what was happening.

“The pilot is dead. Someone shot him, and one of the passengers with us today is carrying a gun.” He replied that I was even more surprised. Moments later, our run down to the ground suddenly accelerated, and it looked as if it was the end of my life. In those moments, I was so sorry that I should not leave Mr. Kim alone, and I wish I had stayed by his side first. But since I'm here now, all I can do is to pray that I can get out of this plane alive.

At the speed of events, my vision suddenly darkened, and my mind blacked out. When I regained consciousness, I found myself soaking wet as I lay on the sand. I am on a distant island and sea. I don't know where I landed, but there is only one thing I can be sure of, that I am still alive, and my body is still intact. Furthermore, I had a few scars and wounds on various parts of my body. So, it was a bit hard for me to get up and walk, but I insisted because I needed to get back to us.

I just kept walking even though my whole body was very weak. I felt that my right arm was numb because I could no longer move it, and it seemed to be injured by the plane crash. Furthermore, I don’t know where my feet took me, but I’m sure I’ve come a long way because I can already see cars. So, I raised my left arm to call a taxi and in less than five minutes someone stopped in front of me. I got on immediately and took a deep breath. But as I get inside, I suddenly felt dizziness and numbness all over my body. Therefore, even though the taxi driver kept asking me questions, I couldn’t hear him and I was unable to answer him either. Until suddenly, my eyes closed, and I completely lost consciousness.

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