Chapter 117: Another Proposal

Kate and Carlos watched as Kyle held Manuel’s legs up, and cleaned his dirt. They observed how the CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation turned Manuel’s delicate frame, gentry, from side to side to clothe him with his top. After effectively pulling up the baby’s pants, Kyle claimed, “See! It’s easy! Like a walk in the park."

“That was very fast,” Carlos had to admit.

“I’m a natural at caring for babies,” Kyle claimed. A confident grin formed on his face, adding, “It also comes with experience.”

Kate looked past her brother and saw Gaby giggling while carrying her one-year-old daughter, Gale. She wasn’t sure what to believe, but, nonetheless, they were thankful for Kyle’s help, showing his best technique to change an infant.

“Let me hold my nephew for a while,” Kyle asked, carrying Manuel from the stroller. “You carry him like this. Listen to your older brother now.”

“What about my style? Do you want to see how I change my nephew?” This time around, Kaleb offered.

"No. No, he i

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Beautiful ...
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no worries i’m also late haahahah
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i love this story...

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