Just Human

Havermouth, Eight Years Before

Rhett sat on the lip of the hot tub wearing only his boxer shorts, his stomach muscles visible as he laughed, and his hair sticking to his face from the steam, the heat flushing his cheeks. His skin was so white that Cameron wondered if Rhett had ever taken off his top outdoors, but the paleness of his skin didn’t seem to worry the girl who knelt on the seat laughing up at him flirtatiously, her bra and panties made transparent from the water.

“Here,” Heath came in behind him and handed him a wine. The cup was made out of plastic, but the design made it almost impossible to tell until it was in his hand. Heath took two cups over to the spa and handed them to Rhett and the girl, before returning to the bar which Cameron leaned against in order to fetch his own cup. He paused in front of Heath, almost chest to chest, so close that Cameron could feel the heat of Heath’s skin. “You coming?”

“Yeah, in a moment,” Cameron told him and watched as Heath walked ba
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