Stay the Fk Away From Aislen

Havermouth, Present Time

Heath frowned as he pulled into the driveway at Aislen’s house. Talen’s Zeus Forest Works Ute was not parked there. He checked his phone. There were no messages or missed calls. Had Talen not gotten his message and returned to the house?

“F-k,” he grumbled as he got out of the car. He had taken his time returning, thinking that Talen would be there with Aislen, stopping by the river house in order to pack clean clothes for himself, Rhett and Cameron, and to make sure that nothing was going off in the fridge. He’d had a shower and a shave, erasing the gold-tinged stubble from his jaw.

He got the suitcase out of the boot and carried it to the front door, finding it locked. Well, at least Tyler and Aislen were being sensible. Tyler was handy to have around, giving them someone to leave and protect Aislen if they were unable to do so. He rang the doorbell and waited, tapping his foot on the floorboards.

Aislen had thrown the Triquetra’s lives into disarray, he tho
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Kiera J
Heath finally coming through! I love how he intentionally referred to the Secret Keeper using male pronouns.

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