Nora Eater of Shaun

Havermouth, Present Time

Aislen looked in through the car window. The child was crouched behind the front passenger seat in the foot-space of the back seat, facing towards them, and the flickering light revealed wide, frightened eyes within a pale face smeared with blood, and a tangle of hair, the ends still tied with faded ribbon into braids.

She was filthy, coated in mud and wet through.

“F-k,” Aislen groaned. “What do we do?”

“Kill it,” Rhett suggested.

“She’s not an it. She’s a kid,” Cameron protested.

“She ate Shaun Bascall,” Rhett pointed out. “Alive.”

They had all been avoiding looking at the man in the front passenger seat. The car had slammed into the pole on that side, crumpling in and pinning Shaun into the seat. The girl in the backseat had taken advantage of his inability to defend himself to devour him, stripping the skin from his face and tearing into his stomach.

The metallic stink of blood was heavy on the air.

“There is also Leighton Richard to consider,” Tal
Everleigh Miles

Thank you for all your comments! I am very much enjoying the conversations and feedback on the book. I hope you enjoy the adventure :-)

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goodnovel comment avatar
Aislen is really such a remarkable female lead. Her capacity for love overcomes her fear and anger every time.
goodnovel comment avatar
Talen is definitely written with the female gaze. Male writers should take note-that’s what women want.

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