Be careful what you wish for.

Just one month ago, I had enough of my boring weekends. Netfl!x, comfort food, afternoon naps, hit REPEAT.

I was miserable when I was still married to Dean. I didn't have time for myself. His line of work requires him to always be away either for a month or two, sometimes up to six months if it’s an overseas assignment. I was lonely, I was tired, I was raising two toddlers on my own.

Though to be honest, even when he was home, I was tired too because he's that typical man who has his wife doing all the chores, taking care of the children, while he sits on his gaming chair claiming this is the only time he has for himself since he's been tired working his ass off for weeks.

Oh yeah? He didn't think about how tired I've been taking care of the house, the kids, all while working full time.

At the end, it felt the same either he was home or not, in fact I felt better when he wasn't because then I would only need to take care of two boys instead of three.
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