I wake up from a dark dream to hear muffled sounds coming from far away. Someone is upstairs talking to mother and father. And the voice sounds hauntingly familiar…


My head feels like it’s about to split open but I force my eyes open anyways and wince at the bright light from the lone light bulb that swings above me. The brightness stings my eyes but it doesn’t matter.

Helios is here! A tiny flicker of hope starts to grow within me. Help…I need help. Helios, help me!

I try to call out but I am gagged. I try to stand but both my hands and legs are still bound by the metal chains.

Helios I am here. Please…help me!

I hear the sound of laughter…Jamie? Somehow, she sounds different. Then the footsteps fade as if they are walking away. Is Helios leaving?

No, no, no…. don’t leave. Save me, please. Set me free! Someone…ANYONE!

Desperate, I struggle violently only to end up falling forward on the cold hard basement floor and banging my head. I try to summon my wolf, but to
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goodnovel comment avatar
Joy Teo
You're a perceptive one, Louise. But don't worry, all will be revealed soon :)
goodnovel comment avatar
Louise Stewart
hmm I don't get why she drinks the blood, won't she get poisoned as well, unless she has an antidote but we don't know.

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