07 By Chance Part 1


It had finally happened to us. What we all dreaded for years had finally happened. My father had failed us in every way. We sat in chains at the back of the van, dreading what awaited us. My mother and I wept. I knew Tomas couldn't save us anymore when they clamped the silver on my wrist. Beggers couldn't be choosers, really. I should have taken Tomas's offer. It had literally come in the morning. If I had said yes, this wouldn't have happened. Now I did not know what to do.

No one ever gets freed, especially omegas. Once we find ourselves in the underworld service, we can never come out. We are as good as slaves. I did not know if they would keep us together or apart. I feard for my fate and my brothers'. We were physically appealing; they might use us for the pleasure service. Being Tomas's mistress was better than this.

The van finally stopped, and we were ushered out. They led us into a tall building still in chains. We used the elevator to the floor they were taking us
Karima Sa'ad Usman

Hello, dear readers please leave comments in the comment section. I want to talk and communicate with all of you. I hope the story is picking up, and I want to thank you for your love and support.

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Paula Henderson
I’m enjoying it but it’s hard to get to the next chapter without spending money but what happened to the promise that you wouldn’t be reading just half a book????
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Janet Reathaford
Love the book so far!

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