66 Decisions And A Rendezvous


I held Katya in my arms while I watched Luca leave. I prayed to the goddess to protect him. I knew his father was not out to get him, but I couldn't say the same for his father's bitch and half-brothers. I prayed he would achieve his goal in Ashfield and return to me alive and well. Katya struggled to get down, and I let her go. She went to Catalina, who lifted her up and winked at me. Just then, Luciano came, and he kissed Catalina. I was glad to see that they had settled their difference. There was little time to remain mad at each other. Tomorrow was not a guarantee, especially in the Mafia. I was glad Catalina could see that and move past his transgressions. I smiled at her and her cheeks coloured. Luciano took Katya from her, and Katya pulled his beard, which made him flinch a bit, and we all laughed.

I turned towards my brother and Olsen; it was evident they were ready to move. Saying goodbye to Catalina and her mate, we left the house and headed to Bruce's office.

Karima Sa'ad Usman

And the plot Thickens... Lol. Thank you guys. I really appreciate the support.

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Karima Sa'ad Usman
Thank you, Serenity12. Glad to see your comment.
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Really enjoying this, I can’t wait for the next chapter.
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
that's right Georgia, he is obsessed with her.

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