70 Declan


I kept my fear inside all through. I dared not break because I knew Luca needed my strength. He needed me to be his support at that moment, so I buried my fear and pressed on. Walking through that tunnel, I did not believe we would survive. I had thought they would catch up with us and kill us. I will forever be grateful to Dr Charles and the staff of the Mayo Clinic for saving our lives.

Seeing Marcelo with Asley disgusted me because I remembered how he had treated her. Seeing her eyes, I knew she wasn't interested, and I planned on dealing with their situation once the problem was over. Luca and I found a place with an air mattress to sit on, and the moment we sat, he pulled me close and held me.

Luca kissed my forehead.

"Thank you, Emma, for everything. Thank you for not breaking down when everything was chaotic. I am grateful," He said, and I looked at him and crashed my lips on his. I drank him in hungrily. I was glad we were alive and that all our loved ones made it to
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
Thank you Serenity12, I am glad you liked the chapter everything will be fast paced from now.
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I’m so glad they finally claimed each other and that she told him about Declan. Such a good chapter.

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