Down to Business

“I want to interview the sellers and some of the buyers as well, can you help me out with the translations?” Ace inquired enthusiastically.

“Of course, it is my job to do so,” Rung replied followed by a laugh.

“Come this way. I will take you to the section that specializes in dog meat. I don’t know what you’ve heard but, dog meat isn’t eaten by every single person in this country. I, personally, don’t eat it but of course there are many that do. It’s a matter of preference, you know…” Rung explained as he led the way through the throng of people.

As it turned out, the wet market was very big and had many sections. According to Rung’s explanation, dog meat was sold in a small section in the market because of the niche market that it caters to. It wasn’t as common as poultry, pork, and beef.

“There are specialized restaurants that sells it. Usually, it isn’t sold randomly or mixed with other meat…” Rung explained further when we arrived at the dedicated stores.

“So, all these stores
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