Episode 18

I picked my phone from the bed. Called Kaul.


"Hey Beck"

"Hi Kaul" I answered in a low tone. Very tired and bothered about the dream still. I was still resting my body in the bed, it made my voice got a bit deeper.

"What's up with you? You're sleeping?"

"Yes, and no. I'm just in bed, that's all. Congratulations on your new work.

"Yes, thanks" he retorted. "You said, you want to talk to me about something. Which was weird, as I called your line numerous times, after that and your phone is switched off. Why?" He said worriedly.

"I... I had a dream last night, and the dream was a bit terrifying. I don't want to spoil your happy mood this morning, so I had to switch off my phone for our joy. Sorry."

"It's nothing."

"Okay thanks. I had a terrible dream." I narrated the dream In full details to him. I told him also the point of view of Myris about it, and how Dr Hitler got me standing in his office for long, for no specific reason, reasonable.


Dr Hitler called me in, aft
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