Chapter 16

(Emily's POV)

It was cold when I woke up. That's weird, I'm sure I closed the window last night. I tried opening my eyes and see no one on my side.

My panic settled in when I moved my left hand, but it was handcuffed to the headboard of the bed.

"Dimitri?" I called out. "Dimitri?!!"

I struggled as much as I could but the handcuff was only hurting my wrist. I hauled myself up to a sitting position.

"Hello?! Dimitri!?"

What did I do this time? Why is he doing this again?

I heard footsteps coming into the bedroom. The curtain moved and Dimitri came in wearing a suit. Is he going somewhere?

"What is this Dimitri?!" I scowl at him but he didn't respond. "Dimitri! Take this handcuff off!"

"I'm going somewhere and I can't bring you there. I am not sure if you behave while I'm gone for a day."

"For Godsake! I am on an Island God knows where this fucking Island is located, do you think I would swim the fucking sea to reach the city?"

"I was just making sure, Emily."

"No, take this off... Take
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