Chapter 152 Cook Something for Miss McKinnon

Deirdre could not see Charlene but could hear Charlene’s arrogance and also pride in her tone.

‘It seems that Charlene has been waiting for me to come for a long time.’

Deirdre inhaled a deep breath. Her self-respect refused to let her enemy defeat her.

Yet at the thought of Sam…

She smiled in defeat. ‘Who am I to deserve self-respect…’

“Miss McKinney, I’m here to seek your forgiveness.” Deirdre raised her head, her gaze empty. “A person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature… Please don’t be offended by a person of low moral stature like me.”

Charlene smiled. “You’re too courteous, Miss McKinnon. Why would I make things difficult for you when we’re both women? It’s only that I’m in a bad mood because of that incident.”

She insinuated, “How about this, Miss McKinnon? You help me with something, and I won’t make a fuss with you if I’m pleased with the result. How about that?”

Deirdre was surprised by how gentle Charlene was.
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