Chapter 312 He’s Angry

Suddenly, a lone rock coursed through an arc and slammed onto her forehead. A sharp pang jolted her.

Deirdre moved her hand and felt warm blood on her fingers. Her head swam in a dizzy sea of pain as she heard the children's remarks.

“We know you’re in there, you freak! Don’t pretend not to hear us! It’s your eyes that are busted, not your ears! Haha, she thinks she can stay inside and say nothing, guys! Then we’ll play ‘try to hit the freak’ with her!”

The children did exactly what they said they would. Rocks began to shower at her, and the fact that every single one landed at her quickly removed the possibility of coincidences. Her visage turned pale.

Enough was enough. Deirdre was just about to rise when she heard the child’s unkind delight turn awry. “H-Heeeey! Who the h— What are you doing!?”

There was a crash. Something was chucked onto the ground.

Deirdre opened the gate and was immediately greeted by the sound of the leader’s angry tears. “How dare you lay your hands on
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