Chapter Forty Two

Grayson's POV

I went inside the room and overtaken that unfamiliar even disgusting scene inside, where my brother is alive and my grudge increase because my bullet didn't kill him. Gerald's smiling at me, as if he's happy seeing me and wanted that smile to disappear. However, I calmly approach the vacant seat and looked at my family with despise.

"I wasn't expecting your presence, Gray. I thought you have forgotten me already," Gerald break the tension between to me and our father.

"Neither I. I wasn't expecting myself to come here," I said.

"Do you miss me?"

I laughed, "Miss to kill you again, yes."

"Grayson!" Patricia scold me but I ignore her presence.

"I came here to pay your bills because I was the reason, so don't expect anything from me. Be thankful because you're still alive, and next time you're not gonna wake up."

"I can't wait," he answered.

"Great, that's all for today."

"Wait," he halt me.

Gerald glanced to our father, after that they left the room. I already expecti
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