Chapter 45

Before Anna could even regain her breath, he had a hold of her and was dragging her kicking and screaming onto the dock from the boat. As soon as she had planted both feet on the ground, he grabbed her hand in his, and they started sprinting despite the rain and the strong wind that was hitting them.

A few seconds later, Anna and Jerome boarded the boat that belonged to the woman. She sprinted towards them while shouting in a panic, "Save him! Please come to the rescue of my hubby.

While he was doing so, Jerome dropped his bag on the ground and handed Anna his revolver.

Her chest was tight with terror. The water was extremely hazardous, and the fury of Mother Nature was significantly more dangerous than both Randy and Pedro together. She yelled, "You stay alive, damn it!" while the waves in her stomach churned in a manner reminiscent of the ocean.

He didn't answer. Even if he did hear her, she had her doubts. Already, he was climbing up over the side of the boat and diving into the wa
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