Chapter 10 We Meet Again

Jane’s POV

6 years later

My hands brushed tentatively over our belongings. Even though I had made the choice to move to Moonrise City with my two boys, I couldn’t help but hesitate yet again while packing my things.

And it was his fault. Hunter Burns, the father of my children, was often there. It was one of his main bases. Though I had not seen him, my mate, for six years, he had not become a stranger to me. I still heard about him.

He ran his two packs well. His R pack was doing exceptionally, and he was using his substantial wealth and influence to help others. He, his Luna, Amy, and their daughter Ava frequently attended charity dinners to raise money for children with Aphasia. He’d even set up foundations for them. It seemed as though Hunter had settled into his life with his pretend mate – and, though I’d tried to leave him firmly in my past, my ears always perked up when someone mentioned Hunter Burns.

I’d even caught a glimpse of their little daughter, Ava. She was about the s
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