Chapter 8: McDreamy

***Nora's POV***

“My dream man is real “ I whispered to myself.

How did he get here?

Why was he hurt?

How did he cross my pack?

How did he find me?

Is this a mere coincidence or was this planned by the moon goddess?

“This is not a coincidence, we were meant to meet. Like I said, he is ours” Nelly, my wolf murmured, breaking into my thoughts.

“ Stop talking nonsense”, I scolded in confusion. My brain was wracked and my headache was aggravated by the unfathomable situation I am facing right now.

I shifted into my human form and walked to Lilly. My gamma was asking the question to my mind.

“ Where did you find him?”

“He was lying there when we got here” Lilly replied.

I nodded, still looking at the handsome man as if he would disappear when I took my eyes off him. I felt a pull, I felt something pulling my soul towards him.

“Josh took him to the dungeon. We will deal with him when he is awake”, Lilly ordered.

Out of nowhere a loud growl escaped my throat.

“He is mine.
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