Chapter 13:Sharing A Bed?

***Leo’s POV***

My heart was pounding against my chest, throbbing and hammering hard. As the enchantress sucked my tongue with hers, exploring every corner of my mouth. My entire body is on fire. I groaned as I heard her quiet moans, which sent me to the edge. Precum began leaking out of my cock.

My dick was hard and throbbing, needing the attention of the goddess. I honestly had no idea what was going on with me. I was so smitten by her soft, delicate hands as her palms roamed over my naked back down to my powerful muscular ass, squeezing it.

I groaned with delight.

She pulled away and we were both panting profusely. We stared at each other with a passionate gaze. Her pouted lips were red and swollen from the kiss, making it look more attractive in my eyes.

I watched as her eyes went from being hazel to gold as she growled "mine... mine."

My obnoxious wolf was also chanting "mine... mine." Ryker started pushing forward, eager to take control.

The female Alpha nibbled her face
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bath a meal and a good sleep to heal
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Um, isn’t it still morning? Lol

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