77~ A cake


Two weeks had passed since our union and I was now getting used to the role of co-Alpha.

Not that I did anything anyway but people calling me Alpha was something that I needed to get used to.

But overall, life was great.

Manuel was a good mate and partner. He loved me every day as if it was the last.

Goddess, I was so grateful he came into my life.

The council had been obedient and submitted to us because they didn't want to be disbanded and Manuel and I agreed that we needed someone to keep law and order among the packs.

It took some time but the warriors we sent out had managed to find and return the girls who had been kidnapped, much to our relief.

The mansion was no longer a quiet place. Mario and Ricardo brought some life to it and it would be lively mostly during meal times.

Luca and Sienna just had their mating ceremony a week ago and had gone for a two weeks holiday in the human town.

They looked happy. Luca had tremendously matured and stopped playing

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why do she trust her
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I knew Arissa was up to no good. Especially with her being good friends with Natalie.

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