Snatched By The Alpha

Snatched By The Alpha

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“Please.” Lea whimpered when Manuel withdrew his hand. “Tell me, baby girl. Did your so-called mate make you feel this good? Hmmm?” Manuel whispered huskily. His deep baritone voice sent a pleasurable shiver down Lea’s spine. She shook her head repeatedly, arching her back in desperation and silently asking for more. “Words baby girl. Say what you want and I won’t stop until you trap my tongue deep within your hot core.” Waves of pleasure washed through Lea, her core aching with an unbearable need. Her eyes flashed a steely blue of her wolf’s, her claws extending and digging into the bed. “Just do it, dammit!!” She growled. ****************************Lea had been the Luna of the White cloud pack for five years until the Mafia don, Manuel, Alpha of the Dark Storm pack, stormed into her pack and claimed her as his outrageously. He was confident, oozing with dominance and knew exactly what he wanted. Her. He swept her off her feet and she fell harder than an avalanche on a stormy night. But just like every other too-good-to-be-true love story, things were not as they seem. Alpha Manuel surely had some deadly secrets. Will Lea be able to handle her Alpha’s truth? Or will knowing why he chose her break her beyond repair? Book one and book two will be merged in this book.

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146 Chapters
01~ Enslaved Luna
Hello lovely readers, Author Natie here. Thank you for giving my new book a chance. I would like to give a trigger warning. This book contains mature content such as violence and sex and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This book is a work of pure fiction and I don't condone any form of violence. I hope you enjoy reading my book. If you do, please leave me a review on the main page. I'll deeply appreciate it. ******* Lea. Adrian edged to me slowly, his lips curling into a crooked smile that sent a nervous tremor through me. “Have you learnt your lesson, my beloved Luna?” He asked, his tone laced with mirth as if he was a normal person and not a monster. But I knew better. I shrank my neck, scooting away from him and burying my head between my knees. It was unlike him to look so calm. What was he up to? “Are you afraid?” His deep voice sent an eerie shiver down my spine and I trembled from fright. He had just given me a good beating an hour ago. Was he go
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02~ Parading females
LeaHe found me. But how?Had he been waiting outside all along? Did he know I would try to run?The sheer reality of how I may not escape this place hit me bad. Was this my fate? Being tied to a man who did not treat me right but didn’t want to let me go either?It was exhausting. Maybe I should just give in and have children. Perhaps Adrian will stop inflicting pain on me. “Bitch!” I was thrown onto the bed roughly after being dragged back into the house. “How dare you? You’re trying to run away? To find your mate? Who would accept you with a mark on your neck, huh?” Adrian yelled at me, taking off his belt. My stomach churned. Oh goddess, no. Not again, please. “I-I’m s-sorry!” I said shakily, edging away from him. “Too late for that. I’ll teach you a lesson today. You will learn that I’m the only one who loves you and wants the best for you.” Adrian used his belt on me, whipping me like I was an animal. Well, I partly was but every living thing felt pain, right? No one des
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03~ A gentleman
Lea I stood in the lounge with my head bowed and a tray with glasses of juice in my hands. This was how Adrian had always wanted me to receive his guests. To him it made me look submissive and humble. The ideal Luna. My wolf suddenly stirred inside me and perked her ears. She had been quiet since the wolfsbane was affecting her but she suddenly became restless and began to pace around in my head, making me dizzy. What was wrong with her? I wish I could talk to her but sadly, we couldn’t communicate with our wolf counterparts but they could project their feelings onto us or show us visuals of what they would like to say. My wolf wasn’t doing that. At least if she sent a pic to my mind or something, I would know what was up with her. The door opened and the men entered with Adrian chattering, trying to kiss Alpha Manuel’s ass. What a dickhead. I was suddenly hit by an intoxicating scent that almost knocked me senseless. It was so strong and mouth-watering, making me salivat
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04~ Choosing a mate
Lea “What are you doing? Alpha Manuel is waiting.” I snapped out of my reverie when Adrian raised his voice again. Right, I guess it’s all good that he finds another mate. After all, I was marked and tainted by another man. My eyes stung and I blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. “I’ll be right back.” I said, bowing in reverance. I went to the guest room where I had placed the unmated she-wolves from the pack house. They were all excited, dolling themselves up. It seemed everyone wanted to be mated to the great Alpha Manuel. I mean, who wouldn’t? I had wet my panties just from locking eyes with him. His name alone was enough to make women fall at his feet. He was handsome. His body rivaled a greek-god’s and he exuded dominance and power. He was my mate. Mine. Yet I was the one taking females for him to choose from. “Are you ready ladies? The Alpha is here.” I hid my displeasure and asked. The ladies squealed in excitement. “Is he as handsome as he’s rum
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05~ Running out of time
Manuel I was running out of time. I needed to find my mate or it will be too late for me and my wolf. Sienna the pack witch said I needed to find my mate or I would lose my wolf completely. Well, fuck that. How did she expect me to go back to a woman who didn’t wait for her mate and ask her to accept me? She chose another man for fucksakes. Of course, I told her to find another solution but we all know how these witches are. Once they got fixated on something, they can never change it. “Alpha, I know what you’re thinking. But if you want to save your wolf, your fated mate is the only way.” Sienna said as she stood in front of my desk. I coiled my hands into fists. If Sienna wasn’t a powerful witch, I would have strangled her to death right now. The word mate made my heart tighten and clench painfully. It was embarrassing for a man like me to lose my shit because of someone the moon goddess decided to pair me with. I mean, she didn’t even want me. Why should I be the on
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06~ Dangerous
Lea. My heart was pounding erratically as Manuel skimmed through the females and I had a hard time trying to act normally. Will it hurt me when he chooses his Luna? Yes. It would. In fact, I already felt like someone had their hand wrapped around my heart, squeezing it. Goddess, please give me strength. This jealousy… it will kill me. “Yes… tell us. Whom do you choose? Who has captured the eye of the most powerful Alpha?” Adrian asked Manuel with a greed-laced voice. He was power-hungry and this was an opportunity for his pack to thrive by strengthening his connections with the Salvatore Mafia. I felt my stomach churn when he offered for Manuel to pick more girls. He didn’t treat them like they were living beings. Dishing them out like they were free food. How could I have not seen him for who he was years ago? The sight of him now made me sick. Manuel took his time to respond. I didn’t know why he kept staring at me but his scorching gaze was making me nervous. As if
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07~ The sparks between us
Lea I looked around the backyard to make sure no one saw me getting nasty with Manuel. This would blow out of proportion and I don’t think my body could endure another beating. The wolfsbane in my system was yet to be completely flushed out for me to regain my healing ability. My heart was yet to calm down from the earth-shattering orgasm I had just experienced. I won't lie. I wanted more. Dare I say, I had secretly hoped Manuel would lift my dress and fuck me right here against this tree. That swollen hard thing that I felt in his pants. I wanted it. He had made the mistake of making me taste something I could never have. Now I craved it like I was an addict and Manuel was my personal drug. After making sure there were no prying eyes, I rushed upstairs and went to the master bedroom. I needed to clean myself up. I smelled of sex pheromones and I didn’t want to get caught. In the shower, I couldn’t help but want to touch myself. Manuel had made me feel things I had never
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08~ Sinful tongue
Lea Manuel unwrapped my arms from his waist and turned to face me. His gaze softened. He raised his hand and stroked my hair, tucking a stray hair behind my ear. I looked down sheepishly. His intense gaze was pooling me in. His eyes were so mesmerizing and I couldn’t help but get lost in them. He grabbed my wrist and led me to the bed and I followed obediently. At this point, I wouldn’t mind whatever he would to me. I would willingly offer myself like a sacrificial lamb to him. It was the goddess’ wish. Who was I to fight destiny? He guided me to sit on the edge of the bed then lifted my dress and went down on his knees. My heart rate spiked as I wondered what he was about to do. “Alpha saliva has some healing properties. I can help heal you.” With that said, he lowered his head and licked the large gash on the side of my waist. “Oh…” a shameful sound escaped my lips making me blush. I didn’t understand what was going on. Why was I feeling a heartbeat in between my legs w
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09~ Choose your pick
Lea. I closed the door to one of the guest rooms and patted my flushed cheeks in an attempt to calm down. When Manuel asked me why I became Adrian's Luna, I didn't know what to say. I mean, what was I supposed to say? He forced me? That would just look like I was making up excuses. Adrian did force his mark on me but staying was my choice. I had resigned to my fate to protect those I love. Many times I thought about leaving the pack and staying in the human territory but being a lone wolf for too long turns you feral. My parents didn't want to become rogues either so I kept what I was going through to myself. I sighed, running my hand along the wound on my waist that had just closed up. It had healed pretty fast. Was it because Manuel was my mate so his saliva had a quicker effect on me? Strange how the bond between us was still strong. Was it a sign that there could still be hope for us? Stop it, Lea. How can you think so selfishly? You've been claimed by another, Manuel
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10~ Don't mess with me
Manuel I was very angry when Lea left the room. She was already affecting my emotions within a few hours of being here. What pissed me off more was her saying she's mated. Like a loyal wife trying to be faithful to her husband. The jealousy I felt was so intense. I wanted to carry her on my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and take her away from this place. Another wave of anger washed over me when flashes of her injuries flowed through my mind. Those cuts on her beautiful body… why the hell was she enduring such treatment in this pack? Even now, she can feel that I’m her mate but she hasn’t asked me for help or told me to take her away from here. Could she still be in love with Adrian that fucker? My heart couldn’t take it. All these years I had to live with the painful fact of my mate choosing someone else. The days I spent in pain should have been enough to make me feel nothing toward her but why did my heart ache to see her look so pathetic and pitiful? Where was the b
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