#Chapter 32 Human vs Werewolf

Hearing the voice of King Harvey’s mother shocks, the tears out my system and I wipe my face. Hastily, I comb my fingers through my hair to look somewhat presentable.

King Harvey opens the door to my room and offers me a hand. “Come with me, Elena.”

I am still upset with him. “Can you say please?”

“Yes.” King Harvey picks me up over his shoulder and marches me through his study to the white room with his parents’ wedding outfits.

His mother stands in front of the suit and his father stands in front of the dress. Something clicks in me as I look at them, they complete each other, that is what this means.

I have never seen King Harvey’s father before. He is as wide as King Harvey, with burning red unnatural eyes. His face is as chiseled as King Harvey’s, with a salt and pepper beard. His black hair is combed back lightly, not tightly to his scalp. His ears are as sharp as King Harvey’s but longer. Two fangs pop out his upper lip, long but not threatening.

He is wearing a black velvet cl
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