I couldn’t believe it. I had just turned 18. And my cravings had just begun.

“Half-breeds are also mortal,” Caleb continued. “They can die, like regular humans. We, on the other hand, cannot.

“In order to be a true vampire, one would have to be turned by a true vampire, one who fed with the intent. Vampires are not allowed to turn just anyone—it would inflate our race too greatly. They must receive permission in advance from the Master Council.”

I furrowed my brow, trying to take it all in.

“You have some of our qualities, but not all. And since you are not a full breed, unfortunately, the vampire race will not accept you. Every vampire belongs to a coven. It is too dangerous not to. Normally, I could petition to accept you in our ranks. But given that you are mixed…they would never allow it. No coven will.”

Caleb sighed.

“I doubt a werewolf pack will ever accept you, either,” he continued. “You are a rogue in every sense. But not the typical rogue. You are not evil. On the cont
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