Chapter 8

Her tone sounded both arrogant and righteous.

Victor thought there was also contempt in her eyes.

"Rosalie, you are right. We have to be generous and compassionate, right? Hehehe."

Those little boys copied Rosalie's action just now, then shot all the coins in their hands at Victor.

The coins spilled all over the place where Victor stood.

If it was before, Victor would have given those boys from good families who as weak as the chicks a good fight.

However, this time he stood still and did not move a step.

"Hey you! Pick up the money!" The young boys yelled at him and laughing.

"Yeah! Stupid ass, there are coins on the ground!"

"Get down! Pick it up!"

The little boys stayed away from him, disgusted.

Rosalie had no interests on the boys’s farce. She left straightforward.

Until Rosalie left, she didn't even give a side-eye look at him.

The boys followed closely behind Rosalie's ass and flocked away.

This was the first time Victor felt his dignity was trampled on and humiliated!

To them, the rich young lords, and ladies, the poor have no dignity at all.

It is they who live at the bottom of society who idolizes their nobility, noble and unbeatable.

It made him remember the name, Rosalie completely from then on.

For him, it was not just a simple name, but a pillar of shame that has been fostered deep inside him ever since.

He also did not expect to recognize her at first sight after so many years.

Perhaps it was the nobility and pride deep in her eyes that never disappeared.

*Flashback end*

Victor didn't expect he would meet this young girl again after so many years. He had recognized her at first sight.

Today, she Rosalie no longer had the attitude of a young precious rich daughter.

In his Victor's tutelage, her self-esteem and pride are in tatters in his bed.

"Ten years ago the Woodsen family declared bankruptcy, her dad was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Rosalie's mother could not withstand the blow and committed suicide after a mental struggle, and ever since, Rosalie has been boarding at her aunt's house but her Aunt’s husband alcoholism, made her life worse..."

Victor thought of his assistant’s words after he had asked him to do some background investigation about Rosalie.


Father in prison,

Mother committed suicide,

Nice, quite interesting.

Victor lowered his eyes to look at Rosalie. She’s no longer a princess who lived in a castle anymore, but fallen into the dust and hell.

That's funny!

He laughed mockingly, and his hand went inside her robe and ravished her again.

Rosalie woke up in pain and looked at Victor in a daze. Her gaze incomparably disgusted and despised, her hands clasped tightly to herself.

Rosalie hated herself so much!

She was once again taken advantage of by this man.

And she even offered it to his door herself!

'Rosalie, you are so stupid!'

"Be my mistress, and when I'm tired of you, I'll give you that video and your freedom!" Victor angled his face at Rosalie, and said faintly, "One million dollars. Deal?"

"You insane!"

Rosalie lifted the covers and got out of bed, picking up her clothes on the floor.

"As long as you say yes, I'll bring your aunt's magazine back from the dead and find your uncle a satisfying job. And you don't have to live with them anymore."

Victor's low and magnetic voice rang out behind her.

Rosalie's movement to get dressed was slightly paused, and she didn't even understand why she had this reaction. She hesitated.

A shameless rascal like this man, now he wants her to be his mistress. Shouldn't she slap him on his face?

Victor sensed her subtle reaction and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

"You are smart. You must know that, maybe in less than a month I'll get tired of you. But for you, the subsequent benefits are immeasurable."

Victor then got up and wrapped his arms around her waist and came close to her ear, and said, "A sure-fire deal, isn't it?"

"You have investigated me?" Rosalie was silent for a long time before asking.

She glanced down at the hand that landed at her waist with a pang of nausea but didn't push Victor away.

"That's not the very point." His voice was bewitching and seductive.

She had come from a wealthy family but then to this situation, boarded at her aunt's home, and had to throw down her dignity and start struggling for every cent. She saw the dark side and rules of this world.

Should she really use herself to make a deal? With this powerful but dangerous man?

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