Chapter 07 (b)

“Did you talk to him? What did he say, Mr Daud?” The old man asked worriedly. From the corner of his eye, he saw his daughter listening to him keenly. Her face held restlessness and she was anxiously tapping on the wooden table’s surface with her pointed manicured red painted nails.

The man on the other side sighed before he answered something very unexpected and saddening to them that he could feel his heart skip a beat. 

“He won’t be—but he promised us! You promised us, Mr Daud! How could he do this?!” Colour drained from his daughter’s face when she heard her father almost yelling at the man on the other side. He was upset. So damn upset! 

Her eyes squinted when her father stopped yelling just to do it again with a lot more anger than before. 

“What the hell! This is ridiculous! Look, Mr Daud, if your son couldn’t make it happen then I’ll destroy the damn reputation of—”

His jaw clenched and before he could answer Mr Daud—Sanam, the call disconnected and he cursed a bunch of profanities while banging his mobile over the table. 

“What was that, dad?” His daughter asked carefully, narrowing her eyes, ready to listen to her father, her heart racing inside her chest and her face turning red due to fury. She was expecting something very rude and disappointing and she was ready to face it.

“He isn’t coming back. They said he got busy in some—”

“Well, I know his busy thing! Guess what, dad? He’s this crazy because of that ridiculous bloody bitch!” She got up, banging her fist on the table so carelessly that the face of the wristwatch in her hand broke and one of the pieces pierced into her skin, drawing blood out. 

“Gabby!” His father tried to hold her arm because he noticed the side of her palm bleeding, but Gabriella was too busy to notice that. 

She gritted out and walked upstairs, shouting, “I’m leaving for India right now, dad! I’ll confront him and make him remember his promise and I swear…” she turned to glare at him as she completed, “I swear if I got my hands on her, I’ll kill her right there. I’ll give her a painful death and make sure she would be sorry for barging into my and my Christian’s life!” 

She closed the door of her room with a loud bang that caused him to flinch on his spot because that was the first time he saw such a psycho and wrathful side of his daughter. 


And there on the other side, Hazel was excited as well as panicked because she was finally out of that place. 

Hazel and Irene planned to escape from the mansion after everyone fell asleep and they succeeded. The help they got on the way also made it easier for them to escape from there. 

It was two o’clock in the morning of the next day. She was standing at the train station in that city with her friend Irene carrying a bag containing some of her belongings. And both of them were accompanied by Irene’s friend who was there to help them as Irene talked about him.

Kevin Banks

As Hazel heard, Irene knew Kevin for two years. He had earned her trust and that is why she chose him.  Although Irene had told her that her and Kevin’s relationship was so strong that she could trust him, Hazel did not want to ask her any questions related to Kevin. 

She could see the generosity in Kevin’s eyes and his aura did not scream danger at all. He looked fine, he felt fine. And the gut feelings could not be wrong. 

“Just five minutes more. It’s on the way. We only have to travel for half a day to reach there.” Kevin held Irene’s hand in a firm grip and received an understanding nod from her and Hazel. 

As he said, five minutes later the train arrived on which they boarded and started on their journey. 

All they had to do was travel to that city and everything was going to be a relief after that. According to Kevin, he would get more access— in his birthplace, so neither of them wanted any trouble coming their way in between. Freedom from them was only a few hours away. 

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