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“Gale “ I whispered and now every thing started to get clear, I could see him now, my man. “ Why did you leave me ?” I asked but then got no answer as he started to disappear away from me. “ Gale “ I cried trying to grab on to his arm to stop him but then every where became bright and I couldn’t see him anymore. I cried for him, screaming his name so he could come back to me and be with me like it should be, he had to stay by my side even in moments like this. I wanted my Gale back.

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Wasswa Denilson
good novel to read
2021-08-31 07:43:44
41 Chapters
Life is a beautiful thingI once believed that I swear by the gods Someone would think that by now I would be sad but not at all, I looked out the window then back at my psychiatrist who was staring at me without blinking. She been with me throughout these Seven weeks ever since I was admitted, when the doctor realized that I was refusing treatment. She suggested I see a counselor or psychiatrist. I never agreed but Mrs Jones being my doctor thought it was the wise thing for me. Brenda always came but I never spoke much, she had watched me l
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Meeting Gale
Chapter OneI groaned when my alarm clock started to ring, my body yearned for more sleep.But I had an 8:00 am class that I couldn't bare to miss.I sat up, looking at the clock and realized I had little time left.Running into to the bathroom, I slipped off my clothes and stepped into shower.I wasn't sure if I was clean enough but there's one thing for sure, I would miss my class if I stay here for another minute, so I wrapped the towel around my body and walked back into my room.I wore a pair of buggy pants and a green hoodie, it somehow resembled my eyes.Pulling my hair up in to a bun, I got my bag off the floor and my Keys.Putting on my worn out flat, I ran out of the room locking the door behind.My stomach grumbled cause of hunger, I hadn't eaten since yesterday's breakfast.I decided I will fig
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Loving Me
Chapter TwoI tried as much as I can to ignore Gale, when ever he would see me at school, I would find away to disappear.Good enough he didn't know where I stayed, he knew the street but not the building.But, he knew my work place and used it to his advantage, he would come over more often.Gale had made this place his hung out, his research and notes were all done here.He would try to talk to me when he thinks am free and, I would just ignore or get angry.He never left and soon I realized that avoiding him wasn't helping so, I let half of my walls down.We became close friends, then Rebecca appeared. That's I got two best friends who cared for me.I was so ignorant to Gale feeling's for me, I always called what he felt for me friendship but that changed a year later.We had all graduated.I was still
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Am in Love
Chapter Three" Good morning, Amelia " My doctor said excitedly, it was so unusual to see Mrs Jones like this especially in the mornings. I guess the news of me accepting treatment did the magic.I thought things through last night, and I realized that if Gale was here, he would want me to do this.And I would like to find the lost peaces of my life some day, I knew I couldn't face my past yet, and cowardly I came and hide here, in a hospital but what was I to do then.I thought about Rebecca, I just couldn't believe that I loved that girl like a sister and Kenneth, I had nothing to say when it comes to him. Well one day I could go back to them and, give them back all the love they showed me.Most of the time, I wish I had noticed what was going on. It was there
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It hurts
Chapter FourI quietly followed Gale to the third floor with the elevator. He didn't say anything and neither did I.Silence roamed around us and I kept my self to my thoughts. I was still wondering on what am going to say.I can't tell him that I love him yet, am not brave enough but being in love with him gave me a smile.It felt beautiful and weird.We walked down the corridor past rooms, some open and others closed.I read a sign on the wall saying Cardiac ward and I smiled. Even though Gale owned the hospital, he still came to this department.He loved hearts a lot, any anything that resolves around them and I loved wars.I remembered the news I had got earlier, and bit hard on my bottom lip. It wasn't time yet but will I get the chance to tell.We reached a certain door and Gale pushed it open, walking in.I stood rooted outside, shifting my cross bag to the front. My eyes roamed the inside, it was painted y
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Being Vulnerable
Chapter fiveMy eyes slowly drifted off to Brenda who was also looking at me with tears in her amber eyes, I just smiled at her and pour myself a glass of water from the jug that sat on the small fridge by the bedside.I took a sip then slowly lowered the glass and looked in to the water, my reflection staring back at me.I continued.****To think about it, I didn’t know if I was really a coward using Gale’s mom as an excuse.Was I just afraid to get in to a relationship, if so can you blame me. It is hard for relationships to work these days.Or maybe I was just afraid of him leaving me and ruining our friendship.Yes, I was thinking about his mom. How will he live without her mom?The truth is that I was just convincing my self hop
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Chapter SixI can’t say that my first day at work had started well. I mean who starts her morning with crying like me.I slowly comforted my self and gained back my strength, After cleaning up. I could finally look around my new cabin.I was surrounded by glass, you could see all the sky scrapers surrounding the office and truly this was a sight to see.It was not so large but medium, and to me that was enough.My desk was in the middle of the room and then I saw that black gown I always dreamed of.It hung on the wall in the right corner of my office.It was now real, I took steps towards it and took the fabric in my hands, I looked up at the ceiling.I was lawyer now, my dreams had just come true but then why did my heart hold no excitement at the moment.I sighed when I heard a knock on the door and turned around in time as a
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My Gale
Chapter SevenBeing around Kenneth made me relax, he didn't even mention our morning encounter even once as we talked through the case, I even got to know that the girl who reported the case was trying to make him pay for saying no to her.She seemed to had been a gym member and came from a rich family.I also noticed that he was a lively person who loved to joke around and make every one around him smile, even though there was a problem he didn't give it much thought.He asked me not to worry and kept telling me that he will win the case." Do you want to have lunch with me, I can order something " he said pulling his phone out and I nodded.I watched as he dialed a certain number on his phone and made a call.I didn't know why but I couldn't stop my self from watching him.He was truly so handsome, a beautiful smile, and a very beautiful
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My Only man
Chapter EightBeing in the arms of the man I love made me realise the kind of happiness peace and comfort I was going to miss out, I realised my stupidity for judging Gale; for being scared of loving a man that loves me this much.I slowly raised my eyes looking closely at his face as he leaned his forehead on mine with still closed eyes, our breaths rugged fanning our faces.“What’s the meaning of this ?” he whispered and I couldn’t help another giggle, his eyes flew open looking d
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Worthy of him
Chapter Nine I sat by the table in the diner far next to the window as I stared out while taking a sip of my vanilla yoghurt. It was already lunch time and Gale had asked to meet me here. I was glad that Kenneth had stopped sending me silly messages and disturbing my peace, it’s like allowing him to be a little close to me was the worst idea, he just couldn’t stop his craziness.As I was lost in thought, Gale walked in to Maggie’s diner, the bell above chirmed at his presence making me look up. He
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