Her Vengeful Lover

Her Vengeful Lover

By:  Ray  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Are you sure?" voiced Alexander huskily. "Yes. I will never fall in love with you. I accepted this marriage because of my ambitions. Once I will reach my goal then I am going to divorce you." Anastasia pronounced with a stern look. "Why do you think I will divorce such a beautiful woman?" Alexander with a smirk said. "You will fall for me, Ana," he stated with a confident tone. Anastasia Spanos was married to Alexander Adamos on her grandfather's order. But not because she was in love with him but because she wanted to make her grandparents happy and fulfil her ambition of being selected as the potential Inheritor of her grandfather's company. The jobless and penniless guy, Alexander Adamos married Anastasia but with a motive to take revenge. Let's dive into the story of Anastasia Spanos and Alexander Adamos to know more!! ~~~~~~~~~ Cover is not mine and is taken from Pinterest. So, the rights go to its truthful owner. Follow me on Instagram: rayoflight_pcy

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Delinda Schumacher
92 chapters 1-14-23
2023-01-15 08:05:51
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Wonderful story!!
2021-07-01 19:59:50
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Nice....please update more.
2021-02-20 19:14:21
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It's a lovely story. More chapters author
2021-09-24 12:29:58
92 Chapters
I will marry
“My daughter cannot marry this early,” asserted Lucas Spanos in front of Spanos’ family head, Sebastian Spanos who is his father. “You do not have a right to decide. Your daughter is going to marry Alexander Adamos in next two days,” declared Sebastian who was seated on the couch in the living room. Beside him, his wife Lyra Spanos was seated. “Father, she is only 23. Moreover, he is not the man whom she love. She does not even know him. How can you throw her into a marriage?!” Lucas complained. Anastasia looked at her father, Lucas, who already knows that her grandfather won’t agree to her even if she complains so she kept mum.  “Father, forgive me for this rude behavior. But I think we should not impose this marriage on her. Moreover, the guy does not even have a  job and I don’t think he will ever be able to make our Ana happy.” Lucas put forwarded his concerns regarding his daughter. “This is a modern world. A man can also do the househo
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To fulfil the promise
Anastasia crossed the living room when her elder cousin brother Nicholas saw her and then called her name. She halted at her place and then turned her gaze towards him. “I heard you are getting married,” Nicholas stated with a tiny smile on his lips. “Do you have any problem with that?” Anastasia asked him. “I am happy but I am wondering why a brainy girl like you has agreed with grandfather’s choice. He wants you to marry a jobless and penniless guy who will do household chores for you,” proclaimed Nicholas. “Eldest Brother, are you caring about me or you want me to defy grandpa’s order?” Anastasia queried him. Nicholas chuckled and spoke, “of course, I care about you. I do not want my sister to have a useless husband.”Anastasia sneered upon hearing Nicholas’ words. “It is so surprising for me to see you caring about me. We both know what do you care about the most? I also know it was your humble idea to make me marry soon. Do
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The Marriage day
Today was the marriage day. Every women desperately wait for this day but Anastasia was an exception. She had never thought that she would marry someone whose face she did not even see. Ridiculous! Wasn’t it?In this modern world, when things have changed drastically but one thing that has not changed was the rules of Spanos family. The words of the Head of Spanos family are set in stones. But what she could do except accepting this fate of hers. Her father always faced the taunts from his entire family which made her agree on her grandpa’s order. She was sitting on a vanity chair. The makeup artist was applying makeup on her face when she told her to apply light makeup. She was gazing into the mirror, watching her own reflection when a chuckle escaped her mouth. The makeup artist out of curiosity asked her, “What happened, miss?”“I am just going to marry and it nothing feels like marrying,” Anastasia pronounced. The ma
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Don't come near me
The entire journey to their new house which is a bungalow gifted by Anastasia’s parents to her went in a complete silence. The car halted in front of the bungalow. Quickly the driver stepped down the car and opened the door from Alexander’s side. Alexander stopped down the car and looked at the bungalow painted in white with intricate patterns engraved on the pillars there. He turned and saw Anastasia was going to step down on the ground when he stopped her. “You cannot set foot on the ground,” Alexander asserted. Anastasia raised her head up to look into Alexander’s eyes. “What?” she exclaimed with a confusion. “I will carry you from here till the room. It’s a kind of ancient belief that a bride should not take her first step on the newly wedded house alone. Instead, her husband must carry her to ward off the evil,” declared Alexander. Anastasia scoffed upon hearing his words. “
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Interested in my body?
Anastasia hummed at him. “Get aside,” she said. Alexander let go of her hands and the two went towards the couch there.Alexander put the food for them in the plates and handed her the plate. Anastasia picked the spoon and fork, started eating. She found that Alexander had great cooking skills. She finished the meal quickly and looked at Alexander. “So, d-did you learn cooking by doing hotel management or something like that?” Anastasia asked.Alexander who was still eating, placed the fork on the plate and replied to Anastasia. “I learned it from my mother,” Alexander replied. Anastasia nodded when Alexander asked her if she wanted to eat more. Anastasia licked her lips and nodded.Alexander smiled and served her again. Anastasia ate till her stomach got full. “Ahh, I think I ate too much. In this dress, it is getting uncomfortable,” Anastasia murmured.Alexander smiled, put the utensils on the tray and lef
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Loving me
Anastasia received the call from her grandfather. “We need to come there?” Anastasia queried. Alexander looked at Anastasia and saw the frowns on her forehead. “Grandpa, why can’t father live with us?” Anastasia asked. “It was told to me that dad will also live with us,” asserted Anastasia. “That house is for you and your husband. Give the phone to alexander. I need to talk with him something important,” Sebastian said. Anastasia gazed at Alexander and went to him. Extending the mobile towards him, Anastasia said, “Grandpa wants to talk to you.” Alexander took the phone from her and brought it near his ear. “Good morning, Grandpa,” Alexander greeted Sebastian who wished him the same. “I do not have your mobile number so called on Ana’s number. Come home for breakfast with Ana. In the evening, there is your wedding reception so you need to prepare for that as well. We are waiting for you,” Sebastian stated and disconnected the call. Alexander gave the
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Sacrifice your Love
Anastasia was bewildered when Alexander placed his lips on her forehead. She pushed him away and wiped the skin where Alexander had kissed her. “Are you nuts? I told you not to kiss me,” Anastasia yelled at him. Alexander was enjoying how Anastasia got furious just with a kiss.  Anastasia was baffled to see Alexander who was smiling. This infuriated her more. She motioned her hand towards him but he caught it in the middle and pulled her towards him. “I did not do anything wrong. Just a peck because I wanted to,” Alexander proclaimed, giving a sly smile to her. Anastasia was out of words. Since it was early morning, she did not want to ruin her mood. She turned and sat on the chair in front of the dressing table. ‘I won’t talk to him. How dare he do that? I told him that it’s a marriage of benefit which will end as soon as I will be selected as the leader  for the company,’ Anastasia talked herself.  Alexander went towards the couch and sat on
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Keep her Happy
Alexander was sitting on the sofa chair when Sebastian handed a document holder to him. “What is it grandpa?” Alexander asked. “You shall read,” Sebastian said. Lucas looked at his father, thinking what could he possibly be thinking. “Grandpa, I do not want to be a shareholder in S & L Co. Ltd. I do not have enough qualifications to enter that company nor I know anything about business,” Alexander veraciously spoke. “It’s fine. You are the only son-in-law of this family so, it is a tiny gift on your marriage,” Sebastian asserted. Lucas looked at Alexander who was a little hesitant to sign onto the papers. “Sign there. If your grandfather would be alive then he would have been the shareholder in my company but since he is no more so, I am giving the share which he truly deserved,” Sebastian pronounced. “Grandpa, may I say something?” Alexa
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I love you
Nicholas came outside the room to stop Anastasia but she was gone already. He turned when his eyes fell on Alexander. He waved his hand at him and passed him a gentle smile. Alexander put the envelope inside his pants pocket and came towards Nicholas who was wondering if Augustus had seen Anastasia leaving the house. “Is you conversation over with grandpa and uncle Lucas?” Nicholas asked. Alexander nodded and halted in front of Nicholas. “Come inside,” Nicholas said and took Alexander with him. Jason stood up as he saw Alexander there and told him to take a seat. “Anastasia is not here. She has gone out,” Jason’s tongue slipped when Nicholas glared at him. “What I mean is she is in the garden,” Jason asserted. Alexander gave a tiny smile to him. “So, what does your family do?” Jason curiously asked. “We have a family restaurant in the countryside,&
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My First Kiss
Anastasia arrived at the mansion before noon so no one suspected her. She saw Alexander with her cousin brothers in the hall. Nicholas saw her and he heaved a sigh of relief.Anastasia looked around and saw no one was in the living hall. “Where are the others?” Anastasia asked, grabbing the attention of Alexander.“They are in their respective rooms,” Nicholas replied. Anastasia gave a nod and sat on the couch there. She was feeling uneasy as Alexander was staring at her.“Your father was looking for you,” Alexander stated. “Where were you?” Alexander then asked.“I-I was in the backyard of the garden,” Anastasia lied and averted her gaze from him. “Where is dad?” she asked Nicholas.“He has gone out,” Nicholas replied and stood up from the couch.“I have some work so, I am leaving. Jason, let’s go,” Nicholas stated. Jason also stood up and
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