The Choice

The Choice

By:  Trapti Singh  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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This story is about a girl who lives in New York City and is moving to a town called Bluemoon because of her father's job. Follow her to the journey of finding love and discovering new things and a newmeaning to life. And finding that everything she has ever know is a lie. A story of a teenage girl whose life turns upside.

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can't wait for more .............
2020-09-24 11:58:35
user avatar
I love it ?...........
2020-09-24 11:58:09
user avatar
nice and interesting...........
2020-09-24 11:57:54
user avatar
Liz Pryce
really enjoying it so far
2020-09-21 05:01:00
user avatar
Wow! So far the book is really good.
2020-09-01 17:32:46
user avatar
Lecxob Glaze
Nice story line.?
2020-08-26 17:13:01
default avatar
I was really disappointed with the ending … how can she lost both mate . That’s horrible. After everything they been thru n Jacob gave up his life for them… this is so sad . Guess the ending totally through me off guard 😩
2021-06-08 12:57:55
user avatar
Ronica Walden Taylor
It is starting to get get pretty good at this point.
2020-09-20 10:16:00
user avatar
nice story but costly for a very short chapters.
2020-12-06 23:30:18
67 Chapters
Chapter: 1
I opened my eyes and found myself in the middle of a forest with trees around me. I could hardly see anything except shadows of trees and should of howls hooting. Suddenly I heard the rustling of bushes from behind me and then a howl. Everything went still the trees stopped moving from the wind. It felt as if the world stopped, I could not hear a sound, I slowly turned around and saw glowing red eyes looking straight at me. It started moving out of the shadows and what I saw made me gasped. It was an enormous wolf, bigger than normal wolves with black fur, it felt as if the fur was shining where the light of the moonlight fell on it. The fur looked soft as if it was a pet dog and not a wild wolf. The wolf was looking at me with such intensity that it was hard to make eye contact with it, but I felt compelled to do it. Its eyes are so mysterious as if it is not an animal but a human. It feels as if he knows me somehow like we have a bo
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Chapter: 2
The whole ride I was thinking about those red eyes, and I think my brain got tired with so much stress that I fell asleep again without realizing it. I already hated moving in the town, and now after seeing those eyes, I am despising this town more and more. I know my parents want me to be happy here, that's why for the past week they had been telling me all the good things about the town and how much I will love it, but I don’t think I am starting to like it any more than I did before.
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Chapter: 3
I woke up the next day feeling fresh with a target in mind, starting unpacking today and finish it by today. Tomorrow will be Monday with means that it will also the first day of my new high school which is Bluemoon high (not the most creative name I won’t be surprised if everything here starts with bluemoon, like bluemoon cafe.) and I want to finish my unpacking today and also want to distract myself from the fact that I will be a new student where I don’t know a single person which is kinda nerve-wracking.
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Chapter: 4
The next day, I woke up to my alarm ringing loudly. I was really tired because I didn’t sleep well at night. I don’t know what it was, and why it was following me around. The fear of that creature stopped me from sleeping, and even when I fell asleep, my brain was on full alert mode. I don’t know what is happening to me and why it is happening, but I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it because today was the first day of my school and I had to get ready, or I will be late. 
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Chapter: 5
The rest of the period went by smoothly. As smoothly as it could go with students looking at me from time to time. I was getting irritated but decided to ignore them, they will stop doing this after some time. Instead, I concentrated on what Mrs. Cooper was teaching in class, she was a good teacher and I knew I will like her class a lot, which I did. 
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Chapter: 6
The rest of the periods till lunch went by smoothly, I didn’t have the last class with Angelina or Kevin but they made sure I found my classes. I sat at the back by the window in these periods wanting to be left alone and I was thankful people didn’t try to approach me, I knew if they asked any stupid questions I would’ve exploded on them.
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Chapter: 7
The next day I woke up and did the normal things that I do usually. I felt a little more at home today maybe because my mom has decorated the house and it wasn’t bare and empty like the first time I saw it. I went to school today and noticed a change in the air instantly, nobody was looking at me not because of the fact that they were now used to me but because they were busy talking about “Mr. Black.”
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Chapter: 8
The whole week passed by as a blur, I had the same routine every day, wake up, go to school, come back, do homework or something else, and then sleep. It was the same thing when I was in New York but there were occasional fun there like parties and going out with friends. I just don’t feel like doing these things here or maybe I just don’t feel too close with people here.
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Chapter: 9
I was still walking occasionally looking around when suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps behind me. They were more than one and were trying to walk slowly. My heartbeat started rising and I could feel my hands sweating. I knew they thought I haven’t heard them, if I started running they notice it so I tried to walk fast but tried to make it go unnoticed by them.
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Chapter: 10
I just can’t believe what just happened to me, I guess I’m still in shock maybe that’s why I haven’t given any reaction yet (except for that crying, but I feel they were more like relieved tears) but I felt disgusted, it left a bad taste in my mouth. My eyes were burning because of the crying.
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