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She has dreams, for her personal life and love life but everything changes when she gets into a contract marriage with Damian who never values a woman and takes her as a slave but what happens when the slavery is nolonger hell and turns sweet?

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Walking down the aisle, tears dropped from her eyes. Anybody could think they were tears of joy but to her she was using this opportunity to let go of all the emotions pilled in her heart.Even though she was crying it was not enough, she wanted to scream everything out but couldn't do that infront of everyone.She was the most beautiful bride with the wedding dress imported from Paris from the famous designer and specifically made for her even without her knowledge.She was an epitome of beauty with her cat like eyes and the long silk like hair that was set to march the taste. Not forgetting the well decorated venue for the wedding, she wasn't expecting any less after all she was getting married to the richest bachelor in the city. It would have been a dream come true to every woman but not for her, she had more important dreams than getting married to a man she has never seen, someone who hides behind a mask. "Seems he is scared to show his face," she thought and let out a bi
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Lillard women
"I don't have time to waste," he replied in a cold voice and she slowly walked to him. His voice alone scares her and the thought of her spending even a month let alone a lifetime, scares the hell out of her. She never thought her mom was heartless till yesterday, maybe she never really loved her as she claimed. After he was done she slowly walked to the bathroom not uttering a word. He picked back his laptop as his phone started to ring. He sighed, just the person he wanted to talk to at the moment. "Dad of all women in this world you picked this crazy one as my wife?" He questioned raising his voice which attracted Ariel. She walked to the door to eavesdrop to the conversation. "You should be grateful to her. Because of her accepting to marry you the Lillard group of companies will be handed to you as the new director," His dad replied. "I'm supposed to be worshiping her now? Let's make something straight dad, I don't love and will not love her so stop i
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"Come in," Jayden replied after the knock was planted on the door. Beth walked into the room with a tray of food and placed it on the lampstand. "I cooked and it would be bad if I eat alone and not share with you yet I used your things to prepare the food. I didn't cook much but I will appreciate if you have a taste," she said with a smile. "I'm not that hungry, I ate at an eatery on my way home," he told her. "The more reason why I served just a small portion of the food. I knew you must have planned yourself, just have a taste please," she pleaded. "If that will make you happy," he shrugged and took the tray. "I will just wait here till you are done, I will wash the plates before I go," she sat at the far end of the bed away from him.He enjoyed the delicious food and afterwards he drank the juice. It didn't take long before he started feeling unusual. He didn't understand where the unusual heat in the room came from, his self contro
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First aid kit
"I'm sorry for yesterday," Ariel apologized standing at the door but he didn't utter a word, he headed to the bathroom instead. "Back to normal," she muttered sitting on the bed.Yesterday he was so calm, kind and gentle that she almost mistook him for someone else. He took care of her and stayed with her at a hard time. He walked from the bathroom and sat next to her. "Whatever I did for you yesterday doesn't mean anything, I guess you still know what we talked about yesterday in the morning," he spoke and she nodded.There was no way she was going to forget they are to stay in their own lane. She got up and walked out. Her heart was still aching and she didn't have the appetite to have breakfast so she locked herself up in her bedroom crying.After preparing himself, Denzel left to sort out some matters and came back after two hours. As he was about to take the stairs, the still set table caught his attention. Breakfast had been set for Ariel and he expected to mee
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Caught up
It was dark but the lights in the compound somehow covered everything up. She would be lying if she said didn't have fun because she had fun. After going round the market, they finally got what she was looking. With Fiona everything is worth the risk, they decided to the park to have fun had some ice creams then went to an eatery to have a nice meal.It has been long since she came to the eatery but it was the best eatery while she was growing up and will still be the best not forgetting the cheap price. Fiona enjoyed the meal that they lost track of time. Both of them were laughing remembering what happened in the eatery when they got into the house but Fiona smile faded off immediately. "Where are you coming from at this time?" Damian's cold voice made them stop on their track and Fiona hid behind Ariel. "From the market and it's only eight not that late," Ariel shrugged. He got up and took the stairs not uttering a word. Nora and Lena whispered to themselves both s
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Not being able to hold herself she got up. "I'm sorry but I'm not feeling so fine, please excuse me," she bowed and slipped through the door as fast as she could.Thankfully she saw the bathrooms at the far end, she touched her stomach and started walking towards the bathroom. "Since everything is done and we have reached an agreement, the meeting is over, excuse me," Damian got up and rushed after her. "He ran to her and got there before she reached the bathroom," "Use that," he handed her his jacket. "Why?" "You are on your menstrual and technically you have stains on your dress," he said bluntly. "What! I'm so sorry for embarrassing you. Go back to the meeting, I will be fine," "I'll take you home," "No, I have to go to the mall," she winced in pain. With each passing minute, the pain increased and she nolonger had the energy to stand. "Sure, let's go," he helped her to the elevator and she didn't put up a fight, she didn
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Who is Lena
The clouds were dark, the wind was too much not talking of the cold but he wasn't back. Ariel kept on looking through the window if his car was coming in that she forgot her pain, then rain started to fall adding to her worries.She wore her slippers and headed downstairs, maybe she can get a way of finding him on phone. If not for anything, the fact that he has been treating her well made her worried about him. Everyone was asleep so she sat on the couch and picked the remote. It was almost midnight and the rain had reduced when she heard a car enter the compound and she yawned getting up from the couch, she was so tired and needed rest to help with her cramps.She headed to the door and opened just as he was looking for his keys. He was soaked with water that the water was dropping from his clothes. "Welcome," she said stepping aside for him to come in and he just nodded. He was trembling from the cold and his shirt was stuck on his body, revealing his six packs.He looked
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Breakfast was brought to his room and they both had breakfast there even though she didn't eat freely, she quite of felt a bit safe with this side of him. "It's getting late, you should go to work already," she urged putting together the dishes to take them to the kitchen. "I'm not going to work, are you feeling strong? I want to take you somewhere," "I don't mean to be rude to you but did your fever get into your head?" She questioned.If the sickness got into his head then he needs urgent medical attention before he loses his mind. "Meaning?" "You want to take me out, it sounds like a sentence in a soap opera right? What if we get there then you remember we are to stay in our lanes?" She arched her brows and he sighed. "We are still in our own lanes, and about arguing while there, then I promise not to argue with you today so can we go?" "Can you remove the mask, I want to see the face of the person I'm going to walk with just Incase things g
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