Accidentally In His Bed

Accidentally In His Bed

By:  Billie Summer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tally finds her fiancé in bed with another woman. She feels like her life is falling apart. At the work Christmas party, she drinks to much ending up in bed with her boss. Shock to the core but that doesn't compare to her astonishment when she man whore boss asks her to marry him. OMG the man who is her father's biggest rival wants to marry her.

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10 Chapters
Chapter One
As soon as Tally stopped off the bus, she raced down the path. Her heels echoing on the sidewalk in sync with the beating of her heart as she hurried to the townhouse she shared with her fiancé, Blake. She couldn’t believe she had been so stupid as to leave the documents that her boss needed for this afternoon’s meeting at home. She had been working on them late last night, but had forgotten to pack the files back in her work case after the disagreement she had with Blake. She’d almost had a heart attack looking for them just before lunch. After explaining what had happened to her boss, she had fled the office, calling back over her shoulder to her boss, Ryan. She was going to get them during her lunch break. She had heard Ryan yelling at her as she slammed the outer door to their offices. Shit, she was going to get the skin peeled off her hide when she returned to the office? Tally should have taken a taxi, but saving for a wedding and their own home deposit made her frugal. Lucki
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Chapter Two
“Fuck!” Blake yelled, his head swung around to look towards the door. His eyes widened as he realized Tally had already seen too much.Tally looked him straight in the eye while the blonde screamed and shot off his lap. Ungracefully, she rolled across the bed, disappearing over the edge and landing on the floor with a slight thud. Despite the pain of seeing him like this, Tally tried her best to keep all the emotion off her face.Tally shifted her gaze towards the blonde, quickly dismissing her as insignificant. Observing Blake intently, she carefully studied every curve and contour of his exposed form. The air was charged with the lingering scent of their recent intimate encounter.Blake’s body glistened with perspiration, a testament to their passionate activities. Her assumptions had been accurate. Notably, his genitals were damp, confirming their shared pleasure.It was evident after they strung apart that he had neglected to use a condom, a fact that sent a surge of mixed emotion
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Chapter Three
Tally needed to stop thinking about it or she will look even worse by the time she got back to the office. Tally couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever find solace amidst the shattered fragments of her heart. What was she going to do after work?She could book herself into a hotel for a few nights at least or stay at the apartment in the office building where she worked. Ryan had told her to stay there before, after working late on projects in the past. She just had never taken him up on it. For one thing, she only lived fifteen minutes away and for another, Blake had never liked Ryan. Staying at the office would have caused a fight she didn’t want to endure.Blake and Ryan had met at last year’s Christmas party. It had been like two fighters sizing each other up before a fight. She found it ridiculous. Perhaps that’s how alpha males behaved. She had seen her father size men up when she had lived at home. She knew Ryan wasn’t in competition with Blake. One reason they hired her a
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Chapter Four
Tally was so surprised she didn’t answer straight away.“Tally?” Ryan’s tone held concern.“Yes, yes.” She would not start discussing her personal life with her boss.Frowning at her, Ryan turned his attention to the file in his hand. Looking through it, he checked the facts and said, “It looks in order, thanks Tally.” Dismissing her.“Is that it?” She blurted out, surprised. She had expected a bigger reaction from him. Like yelling at her, which he had done before. Granted, those times had been rare. She wouldn’t have stayed in the job if he was awful.Sighing, Ryan put the file down. Before rounding his desk and leaning back on it, facing her. “Tally, something is obviously going on with you right now and if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine, but I don’t kick someone when they are down. I just want to let you know you can talk to me.” Raising an eyebrow at her as if encouraging her to open up and letting her know he was aware something was going on with her. Did he truly
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Chapter Five
The phone on her desk rang. Picking it up, it was Holly from the front desk. “Hey Tally, I have Miss Reynolds on the phone. She wants to talk to Ryan. I have told her he is busy, but she insisted on getting put through.”Tally exhaled deeply. This aspect of her job was the least enjoyable, and truly, it wasn’t Ryan’s fault. He had made it clear to his dates should only contact him on his mobile, not the work lines. If he didn’t respond, it should indicate that he was occupied or didn’t want to talk to them.However, it appeared that some women he dated either forgot this rule or disregarded it, especially as he became increasingly less responsive. This was often because he grew bored and distanced himself from them. “Thanks, Holly, I’ll handle the call.”Holly was relieved with her answer, saying “thanks” before switching the woman through.It was only a second before Miss Nicole Reynolds came on the line. “Connect me to Ryan immediately.” She hadn’t even given Tally time to say anyth
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Chapter Six
Tally focused on her work for a while before her thoughts eventually drifted back to her personal life. As she had been pondering Ryan’s sex life, it made her reflect on her own. Tally had always believed that her experiences were typical, dismissing the stories she read in magazines or heard from Ryan’s previous partners, as exaggerated or unconventional. However, now she couldn’t help but cringe inwardly at the notion of her sex life with Blake being called “normal.” In reality, she could now see it was more accurately described as boring.Tally had found her sex life with Blake to be lacking excitement at times. She noticed that he often didn’t realize when she hadn’t reached climax. As a result, she had always assumed that she simply had a low sex drive and wasn’t particularly interested in it. Since Blake was her only sexual partner, she had no one else to compare him to. Additionally, he held very traditional views when it came to the bedroom. Snorting. Maybe it wasn’t her with t
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Chapter Seven
Ryan took a moment to observe her before giving an answer. “Blake asked to speak to you, but when I informed him you had left to pick up a file from home and hadn’t returned yet, he sounded highly irritated.” Ryan’s gaze continued to stay fixed on her face.Tally, unable to contain her amusement, let out a mocking laugh and covered her mouth with her hands. With a sarcastic tone, she whispered, “Irritated.”Ryan went on showing her he had missed nothing. “Then you arrived back looking white and visibly upset.”Taking her hands away from her mouth, Tally responded. “Look Ryan, while I appreciate you are worried about my work performance today, and I’m sorry for that. I’m having an off day. I’ll be fine tomorrow.”Ryan’s brows furrowed, and his tightened jawline revealed the depth of his irritation. Meanwhile, his eyes held a hint of disappointment. “You don’t know shit, Tally,” he said, letting out a frustrated breath. “I don’t give a fuck about that. I’m asking how you are and if I can
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Chapter Eight
Tally had mixed feelings, unsure yet somewhat certain. “It didn’t start off as a deliberate choice. After leaving home, I completed a few courses and then registered with some temp agencies. I enjoyed the flexibility of working different jobs here and there. Surprisingly, I even ended up temping in your building a few times. I never really considered the parallels between your business and that of my father’s.” Tally had a few reasons why she was in a corporate job. One she was good at it, also she enjoyed the challenges and another she voiced out aloud. “I just wanted to prove the men in my family wrong.”Ryan put his elbow on the table and rested his chin in his hand before asking her. “Wrong in what way?”Tally realized that Ryan and she had never really talked before on any level unless related to business. A lot of that was to do with her walls as well as his.Knowing her father likes to chase his secretaries around the office desk, as it were. She hadn’t wanted that for herself.
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Chapter Nine
The following morning, as Tally arrived at the office, she was met with a tense situation unfolding near her desk. Ryan and Blake were engaged in a confrontation, their attention shifting towards her as she entered. Blake approached her, attempting to touch her, but she swiftly evaded his advance by stepping back. Ryan seemed pleased with her reaction to Blake’s attempt, while Blake appeared angry. Tally had no intention of allowing him to touch her, uncertain of where his hand had been that morning. Most likely touching his skinny blonde.Tally turned away from them to put her handbag on her desk. It gave her the few seconds she needed to gather herself. With renewed composure, Tally turned around to face them. She straightened her shoulders, then, placing her hands on her hips, she glared at them.After no one speaking, it was Tally’s voice that cut through the silence. “Can someone kindly enlighten me on what the hell is going on here?”Ryan crossed his arms across his chest and sta
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Chapter Ten
Tally had everything triple check before lunch. She cleared her inbox and Ryan had an appointment with Marty, his personal trainer, in 10 mins.Getting up, she walked to his open door. Leaning against the doorjamb, she stood there studying him, as he sat behind his desk facing the computer screen to the right of him. It put his face in profile to where she was standing.“What is it, Tally?” Ryan said, without looking away from his screen.Ryan had always been incredibly observant, as if he had eyes in the back of his head. He had realized she had been standing by the door.Tally smoothed her hands down her navy pencil skirt as she entered the office. Though she still thought of Ryan as an asshole, her perception of him had slightly shifted in the past day. “I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I went home for lunch. I might be a bit late returning,” she said.Ryan looked up from his screen then to watch her. When he said nothing, Tally felt the need to fill the silence. “
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