7. Blood Moon

Nothing scarier than being cooped up alone in a room that doesn't even know who the owner really is. Megan, who's been locked up for three days, always can't sleep well. She realized that she was in a castle-like building. A place he didn't really think existed. 

During those three days, especially at night, Megan felt that someone was constantly paying attention to her. What's more, it was the sound of wolf howls that made her curl up in her filter.

One thing that also makes Megan wonder is that she was only given water and fruits during her captivity. She did not know why she was being held at the site. But today she is determined to escape and try to find Ann and Rudo.

The only gap Megan could use to escape was a window covered by a fairly long curtain. 

Megan's brain is trying to figure out how long the curtains and height are now. However, it was a little disturbed as soon as the sound of the room doo

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