19. Helena's Story

Megan arrived safely in Stakhvold. She immediately meets and sees Silvina's condition that can be seated. Although it appears that some bandages wrapped around the woman's body. A sense of sadness mixed with guilt was inevitable in her.

"How are you, my lady?"

Megan's been snatching with her eyes glazed. "I'm fine. Certainly ... it hurts," she said touching Silvina's arm covered with bandages.

"The rest of the external wounds. Will recover soon, just wait for time," Silvina replied, still smilling at Megan.

"Get well soon, so I don't get lonely in the castle," Megan replies sincerely.

"How can you be lonely, isn't Lord Eden always with you?" Silvina said and made Megan squeal her lips.

"He's also very busy. I'm even came here with Herol." Herol, who was also in the room, immediately smiled silently. Although Megan said she didn't care, but he knew that she was also quite upset that Eden didn't drive her directly.

As dusk begins to dawn, Silv

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