Alpha Eden

Alpha Eden

By:  naladhipayu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Megan tries to find the death of Helena — her sister, ten years ago in Norway. She got Helena's notebook. Megan visited an area called Jazmore in winter, but an incident caused her to fall into a well. She thought she would drown and die. However, after realizing, Megan realized that she had returned to 1945. Exactly a few weeks before World War II ended and in the Jazmore area which was still a wilderness, she met Alpha Eden. Ruler of the area and a werewolf. Megan's journey begins with mystery, magic and even curse. Can Megan accept her destiny as Mate from Alpha Eden and can Megan reveal the cause of Helena's death, then return to 2010?

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Nikol Hanesová
IT was good. I'm waiting for another chapter.
2021-02-09 06:11:41
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R.A Higheels
Awesome storyline. I'm definitely adding it to my library!
2021-01-13 04:27:01
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great story! is there any socmed that I can reach out? thanks in advance.
2021-07-08 18:32:09
default avatar
It’s a good story line but it seems as if the translation of this book wasn’t edited. It’s hard to read sometimes and I find I don’t want to spend the coins to figure it out..
2021-06-06 23:24:24
default avatar
yeritza p
me gusto mucho
2021-03-02 23:31:20
24 Chapters
The glass Megan was holding fell on the floor and shattered into pieces. Her lips were pressed tightly together, as her footsteps slowly retreated. She wanted to run, hide and go as far as possible. But too late, a pair of red eyes had stared at her. In stark contrast to the light of the full moon tonight. "She saw it all, Mr. Eden." A female voice was heard by Megan. Slowly she turned her head and found a woman with short red hair staring flatly at her. She did not feel the woman's presence earlier, did that woman come out of the darkness? Eden. The man who was just silent looking at Megan now walked over to the woman who was feeling tremendous fear. "Are you the partner of Yagur?" Eden asked with his hands full of blood. Even Megan could clearly smell the rancid smell. Megan shook her head lightly. "Who are you?" she asked in a fairly loud voice. One thing she caught was a body
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1. Well of Winter
United Kingdom, December 2010The sky covered with clouds made the air in the City of London feel cooler. Even though the snow had not yet fallen, a woman repositioned the gloves she was wearing so that they fit and could ward off the stinging cold. December always makes her rub her hands to keep them warm.The woman nervously glanced at her watch as if rushed by time. However, her anxiety grew when her cellphone rang. She took a brief breath before picking up the call from her father, Thomas."Hello, Dad?""Are you at the airport?" The deep voice of the boy softly asked."Yes, soon will be leaving."
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2. 65 Years Ago
Slowly Megan's eyeballs moved even though they were still closed. A resounding sound of bells jolted her to the spontaneous opening of her eyes. But the eye was immediately wide open as soon as she saw two pairs of middle eyes staring at her.Besides, Megan can feel her whole body getting wet. She slowly tried to rise from her current position of lying down. As soon as she stood tall, she passed her eyes around the place.Still the same, there's a well where Megan stands on it. Strangely, however, the sighting of the well is far from previously filled with moss, dull even some parts have cracked.This time Megan saw the well as if it was maintained and when walking near it, the water did not freeze. She jumped in disbelief, especially with a small building next to the well. And as I recall, there were only trees whose leaves had fallen."Who are you guys?" Megan asked quietly.Megan's attention was
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3. Direwolf and Folklore
Megan who has been through her life in Norway for three days can only take a deep breath. It wouldn't matter if she was in 2010, but in reality she was stuck in 1945.Now Megan really understands that she is not dreaming or hallucinating, but rather her life is completely thrown into the past. During her time accepting the reality, she preferred to spend time at Ann's house.But today differently, Megan decided to go along with Ann and Rudo to one of the markets selling various food needs. The market mostly sells wheat, seafood and fruits. It happens that spring makes the garden on the high ground fertile.Megan even borrowed Ann's dress which was below the knee-length. But when she wears it, the waist size of the dress is quite narrow. She usually sees dresses like that only in Little Women or Jane Eyre movies. Very classic, but also graceful.Ann even styled Megan's hair and tied it up with
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4. The Lord of Jazmore
No matter how much she understands and adjusts, in fact Megan is still fixated on what happened to her. Her days are nothing but trying to be a girl like Ann doing homework, while occasionally visiting plantations or ports. She missed the morning where the first thing she did was check the timeline on every social media account she had.The only striking thing Megan notices is Rudo's anxiety every time she comes home. Usually the man will only read a few books borrowed by Ann from the local library while enjoying a brew of unfected coffee. But this time she could see Rudo who seemed to be sitting face down with his eyes down.Megan tried to get close to the man. However, she is indebted to Rudo and Ann who are ready to accommodate her. She didn't imagine being anywhere else, not sure if it would be as good as she was at Rudo's house.Megan's buttocks sit on a wooden bench in the living room, where Rudo is currently. It just so happe
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5. My Luna is Here
Megan's feet kept paddling with Ann until she reached the last village. They stop after Anna says that their route will be steep and difficult to travel by bike. Therefore, the two left their bikes to one of the traders who is still Rudo's business partner.Before Megan and Ann left the merchant's house. Both were given headgear on the forehead which is said to be a shield from attacks by wild animals. Although Megan doesn't really believe it, she still wears it as respect and gratitude."The sun is about to set... and in front of it was just a wilderness," Ann said looking at Megan who seemed to exhale her eyes while taking a deep breath.Megan wears a bag behind her back, just like Ann. Bags made of knitted fabric contain robes that prevent the cold of the night or at times of rain, food and drinks and matches to warm the body after picking up twigs and flashlights that have limited batteries.Megan and Ann stand
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6. My Domain
The roar of Megan's breath is increasingly audible. Her eyes were beaming forward, a light flashing among the trees. Her hand kept holding Ann's hand in the cold of the night."What do you know about this place?" Megan asked with her eyes constantly on alert.Ann came to see the light up ahead. "As far as I'm concerned, it's just a trade route that people don't live in. It's near the Swedish border."Megan then turned to look up at the sky. "It's been a full moon for a few days."Ann flashed a thin smile. "I've heard people say that it's time the moon would shed blood."Megan became gasped to hear it. "What?" She found it a little funny that the moon would shed blood."Rudo has also said that at that time monsters would go out looking for prey, so in the past people were often lost and ... just left a drop of blood," said Ann in a slow tone, but it sounded serious.
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7. Blood Moon
Nothing scarier than being cooped up alone in a room that doesn't even know who the owner really is. Megan, who's been locked up for three days, always can't sleep well. She realized that she was in a castle-like building. A place he didn't really think existed. During those three days, especially at night, Megan felt that someone was constantly paying attention to her. What's more, it was the sound of wolf howls that made her curl up in her filter.One thing that also makes Megan wonder is that she was only given water and fruits during her captivity. She did not know why she was being held at the site. But today she is determined to escape and try to find Ann and Rudo.The only gap Megan could use to escape was a window covered by a fairly long curtain. Megan's brain is trying to figure out how long the curtains and height are now. However, it was a little disturbed as soon as the sound of the room doo
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8. Love Can Curse
The sound of wolf howls was unable to beat the roar of the waves that rocked the cliffs along the fjords of the Movaro region. Megan still freezes silently with what she has just seen, however she can see and feel her torn top. With her hands shaking, s he tried to cover the area of her chest. Yagur looked around, then turned to stare at the still-happening lunar eclipse. He then looked at Megan again and immediately grabbed the woman's body holding her. "Sir, it looks like it's from the Alpha Eden pack," Eslor said, approaching Yagur. "I know. I'm not going to let Eden be that easy to meet with her," Yagur replied, glancing at Megan at a glance. "Command our whole flock to locate Eden and his flock. I'll take Eden away." Like a gust of wind, Yagur then moves away Megan's body by entering a forest area. His running legs seemed to float and were painless as he walked on steep rock
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9. Arrival at Jazmore
Eden's arrival brings Megan to be welcomed by all the Werewolves and their Mates in the castle owned by the Eden family. They were in human form bowing when Eden climbed the castle steps."Sir, let me clean her body," Silvina said, Mate of Perol who is half human and half Werewolf. Eden nodded briefly. "I'll leave it to you.," he said, leaving Megan's body in a tub made of wood. The tub is in a semicircular place with a hollow roof to get sunlight or the moon to sneak in and the place is at the top of the castle. A place where Eden used to clean himself without anyone having the right to use it.Silvina then calls a mate from another Werewolf to help her. Megan's eyes kept closed despite the flow of water and Silvina's soft touch that cleansed her body.After finishing Megan put on a dress with some layers of fabric to ward off the cold air tonight. Her body was then laid on Eden's bed. A night without a full
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