Chapter 9

I'm in shock and not sure what to say. My niece Kali just told me she is pregnant. I pull over, so I'm not distracted and crash. "Kali! How far along are you?" I ask. "You know you have to tell your mother," I state, not liking the idea of keeping such a big secret from Marley. "I'm three months, and I can't tell mom she is going to freak. What if she kicks me out? What would I do alone with a baby at 16?" She cries and my heart goes out to her, but I know my sister.

"Even if she did kick you out, I wouldn’t let you have nowhere to go. Of course, your mom will be upset because you're so young, but she will come around. It's her grandchild," I assure Kali. "Oh, Aunt Chloe, I'm so scared when I told my boyfriend he told me to get rid of the baby, but I can't. What am I going to do? My life is over. I know I was stupid and should have used protection, but its already done, and I can't give up my baby," she cries, devastated. "Everything will be okay, Kali I'm here for you, and your mom
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Jayne Young
love this book bring on more x
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Without knowing the alpha or even what a Luna is I should add. And why wasn’t her sister more invoked after their parents died that her friend’s family took her in?
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dang. so steamy.

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