Alpha's Gift From the Old Gods

Alpha's Gift From the Old Gods

By:  Kimmie Ann  Ongoing
Language: English
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Samantha Collins is a wild and rebellous rodeo girl, the daughter of Kevin Collins, the famous bronc and bull rider. She has spent her entire adult life traveling from Rodeo to Rodeo with her best friend and team mate Danielle Morgan, banking their earnings so that they can buy out her Father and take over the family's horse training and breeding facility. When she decides to attend the Red River Cattle Company's three day rodeo weekend, her father worries but sends her on her way.Alexander Bennett is the eldest of the four Bennett brothers, and the future Alpha of the Red River pack. He is in charge of the security and safety of the packs and, for only the second year in a row, the humans allowed to attend the rodeo. When his father, Alpha Michael, receives a registration for a Samantha Collins, he becomes increasingly anxious about her arrival. He places Alex in charge of her safety, and increases the patrols. He refuses to explain why, and simply attributes it to having humans at the rodeo.After running into the Bennett brothers, and having an accident at the camping site when she first arrives, Sam and Dani are into a world of werewolves, and secrets. Will Alex be able to keep her safe when she herself doesn't even know exactly what is going on? When a stranger appears at the rodeo, and Sam's past is revealed, can the pack's future be saved?

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6 Chapters
Rituals at Sunrise
The bright sunrise slowly peeked it’s way through the black out curtains, creeping across the hard wood floors of the tiny studio apartment. The cell phone charging next to one of the beds began to play a scheduled alarm, the theme from Boondock Saints piercing the silence. Slowly, the loud Irish tune drew a groan from under the heavy purple comforter, as a small arm crept out from the warm depth, searching in vain for the off button.  “Ugh! All right, all right, I’m up..I’m up!” moaned a disembodied voice as the comfor
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Training and Preparations
Alexander Bennett stalked back and forth his arms out to his sides, his steel blue eyes never leaving the man in front of him. He could feel the heat of the early morning sun as it warmed the muscles on his bare back. He stilled his breathing, his toned muscular chest slowly moving in and out. He flipped his dark midnight black hair back off his face with a simple flick of his head, smirking as he made a come hither gesture with his right hand, taunting his younger brother.  Toby let out a low growl, his blue eyes darkening as he lunged at Alex. Anticipating the move, Alex smirked and lunged at his brother as the two met in a tangle of sweaty limbs. Toby grabbed Alex by the back of his red basketball shorts and flipped him over his shoulder, crashing him to the ground. A
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Karaoke and Cowboys
Sam rested her left arm out the window, singing along with the music, her hat forgotten on the seat behind her, sunglasses on. The ride had turned warm as the sun crept up in the sky, so the girls both discarded their hats and long shirts, opting to drive in their jeans and tank tops instead, with their hair blowing in the breeze. Sam had given up trying to keep her long blonde locks tamed in the long braid, and let them fly where the wind wished. She loved the feeling of the wind on her face. It reminded her of the freedom she felt when riding. The air whipping in her hair, the wind in her face, dirt flying around the was pure freedom.
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“DANI!” Sam replied, sarcastically, taking another sip, waiting for the lecture to commence. She sang along to the music playing from the speakers in the trailer, Tapping her fingers to the beat on her water bottle. Carry on my wayward son...For there'll be peace when you are done... “WHAT did you do?!?” yelled Dani, pulling a mason jar out of the cooler before thumping the lid closed, her mind reeling. She unscrewed thelid, taking along sip from it's clear contents, relishing in the slow burn. She resealed the jar a
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Miss Independent
“You bitch!”         Dani rushed past Toby as he reached for her hand, concerned over its deep purple color and painful looking deformity. She moved towards the door, flinging it open as she stormed into the living quarters, irrate that once again Sam didn’t listen to her.  “What in
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Surprise Surprise
Sam threw the blanket a side, bolting upright from the couch and lunging towards the door. No man had ever talked to her like that. And she wasn’t about to start letting them do it now. She could feel a deep anger burning like a fire as it raced through her veins, her rage building as it coursed through her. Her vision became red, her thoughts bent on one thing, throttling the man who just put her in her place. “Samantha, stop!” a deep commanding voice rumbled behind her. Dani lurched forward, grabbing ahold of her left arm, stopping h
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