Alpha's One Night Bride

Alpha's One Night Bride

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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On the night my dad kicked me out, I drank too much and slept with my “brother” It was a one night mistake. Yet, he proposed and claimed me as his mate, his luna. When I woke up, my mom's body was cold. The color was drained from her half-opened eyes, and I could see no signs of life. My father told me that she purposely drank poison to kill herself. But that was a lie. My mother would never kill herself; she would never leave me. That night imprisoned me. - “It wasn’t a mistake,” “What are you talking about, Jonathan?” I asked him. “Arina, you are my mate. You were born to be my luna,” he said. His face showed no signs of humor. “I wasn’t born to be anybody’s luna,” I shot back. “Arina, I love you…” he spoke softly, still staring into my eyes. I could feel the wolf in me stirring; something that I had never felt before. She was awakening; the fire that burned so deep inside of me was beginning to flare. “Love?” I heard myself saying. “There’s no such thing as love…” After everything I knew about “love”, what my mother went through when she married my father, love didn’t exist. “Give me a chance to prove you wrong. Marry me.”

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Read. This book!
2023-01-30 09:30:28
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Sara Vanatti
I was loving the book until it all of sudden switched to a new book with a completely different set of characters… would appreciate the ability to finish the first book! Do not start this book if you want to be left completely hanging with no ending whatsoever ...
2022-05-12 18:10:20
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Kendell Fisher
The last 5 chapters posted are from the “ The Alpha’s Commoner Bride”
2022-05-11 07:44:15
default avatar
Kendell Fisher
Chapter 75 was the last chapter of this book, then chapter 33 was reposted. Now the last several chapters posted are from a different book. Please check postings
2022-05-11 07:33:29
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Kendell Fisher
Loving it!!!
2022-04-23 06:19:39
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Gary Golden
The book is good but there are a couple duplicate chapters which would be ok if I wasn’t paying for something I already read. Good story line, hope to see the duplicates removed ...
2022-05-01 22:34:16
106 Chapters
#Chapter 1 - (Arina) My Mother’s Death
“Mom?” “Mom, please wake up!” “You can’t leave me with him! You can’t leave me here…” “Please…” I still remember the night my mother left me. I was only 7. My father, Rock, beat her so badly that she could hardly see out of her eyes. He’s the Alpha of our pack, Ironclaw. But he’s also a monster to our family.Nothing my mother, Emlin, did was ever good enough for him. I can’t remember a time when she was happy. An Alpha was never supposed to lay his hands on their lunas.Once my grandfather, my mother’s father, died and Rock became the Alpha, there was nothing left of him except greed. He wanted power and he didn’t care who he had to step on to get it.Every time I close my eyes, I remember so vividly the night she died. I can still hear her screaming down in the living room as my father yelled at her. He belittled her and made her feel as though she was nothing.I tiptoed out of my room that night and sat by the stairs; the shards of glass broke from his hands as he clutched his b
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#Chapter 2 (Arina) - Present Day
“You are hereby invited to princess Ronnie’s 16th birthday party,” I mocked as I smashed a beer bottle on the dirt road.I was surprised to receive an invitation to Ronnie’s birthday party. My name was written on the white envelope in my father’s handwriting and a red pawprint to stamp his Alpha signature.As I continued to walk toward Alpha’s home, I stumbled through the town center. I brushed my fingers across an old oak tree that was planted at the heart of Ironclaw the day I was born. My mother used to tell me that the tree symbolized that I was the heart of Ironclaw. My Initials were still engraved on the bottom of the tree, along with my mother’s and an old friend of mine, Jonathan’s.My chest ached at the memory.I brushed away the tears that were forming in my eyes before I made my way to Rock’s house.Standing outside of the house I grew up in, I was hesitant before going inside. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I felt a growl escape deep within my throat before I could stop mys
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#Chapter 3- (Arina) A Drunken Mistake
“Get your fucking hands off her,” Jonathan shouted as he approached us angrily.His fists were clenched and all I could see coming from him was pure rage. The man that was against me had a low grumble laugh emerging from deep in his throat. I wasn’t sure if Jonathan could hear him, but I could, and it sent a chill down my spine.I struggled to get his hands off me.“Don’t make me tell you again,” Jonathan growled.The man eventually released me and I nearly fell to the ground. I felt tears burning in my eyes and my body trembled. I couldn’t get the feeling of his hands off me; the way his mouth tasted against mine and the way he felt when he was biting me and caressing me.There was no shower hot enough to get that feeling off me.“Arina, get in the car!!” Jonathan ordered.I wasn’t sure I could walk to his car if I wanted to. I was seeing 4 of them. The mystery man stepped in front of me. He wasn’t going to let me go that easily.However, with how furious Jonathan was, I wouldn’t want
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#Chapter 4 (Jonathan) One-Night Stand
Heat rose through his body until it reached his face as he looked at the woman he loved. But all he could think about was how stupid she was only an hour beforehand. If he hadn’t shown up when he did, that man would have had his way with her. The things he would have done to her.He clenched his fists as the thought invaded his mind once again. He was furious.How could he have let this happen? He spent the last 5 years keeping watch of her and protecting her without her even knowing about it. How could he let this go under his radar? His lip curled up as he thought more about it.She looked taken back by the look that was surfacing on his face. He could feel her nervousness; it almost turned into fear. Her eyes showed so much worry, and then traces of sadness and heartbreak appeared.He sighed as he turned away, giving her the privacy she needed to undress and bathe herself. He wasn’t exactly sure why she wanted him to stay. But as she stripped, he felt her closeness. Her fingers trac
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#Chapter 5 - (Jonathan) Reminiscence
Jonathan couldn’t sleep.He lay awake, watching over Arina; her small body wrapped in a thick layer of blankets.It’s been 5 years since they had seen each other, and she was even more beautiful as she aged. She’s always been like a little sister to him; protecting her was the only thing he’s ever wanted to do. Knowing that he wasn’t there for her during the hardest points in her life, drove a knife deep into his chest.He dimmed the lights to his room and sat across the way in a chair nearby the wood-paneled window. The faint light of the waxing gibbous moon reflected through the glass, dancing on his tanned features. Soon, it would be a full moon where they would be at their full strength.He remembered his first full moon when he had just turned 16. His first transformation was the most painful experience. He wasn’t understanding why his mother, Jess, and father, Regan, were so happy when he was in such pain.Both his parents had dark thick fur; his mother was a cocoa brown with sap
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#Chapter 6 - (Arina) A Mistake
I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep and didn’t dream about my mother. Every night it’s always the same dream; the night she died. The coldness of her body and her pale features are forever engraved in my mind.Waking up, I felt almost empty inside. I only remembered bits and pieces of the night before and the slight stinging of a headache told me why the night was fuzzy.My “father” had kicked me out of Ironclaw. Not that I cared. It’s not like I was ever planning on returning anyways, but the thought of not being able to return to the place my mother died, wounded.Sitting up in bed, I looked around the dimly lit room; the faint light of the sunlight appeared through the wood-paneled window on the far side of the room. I was in a rustic bedroom with walls that were made of dark meadow wood, matching the hardwood floors. In the center of the room lay a maroon rug with swirls of red and white, which matched the drapes on the window and the maroon comforter that laid on top of m
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#Chapter 7 (Jonathan) Full Moon
She said yes. She actually said yes. Jonathan stood outside, allowing the warmth of the sunlight to soak through his thick skin. The wolf inside of him was itching to come out. As he transformed into his golden-red being, he stretched out his back and allowed the beast inside of him to breakthrough. His teeth were sharp enough to bite through the toughest metal; his fur was thick with claws that were still stained from the flesh he tore through not long ago.His speed quickened as he lunged through the enclosed woods that surrounded his town. He could hear the water from the stream miles away and the animals that bathed in that very stream. His hunger only grew more intense the closer he got. Birds flew away in terror as he ran past them; his strength creating earthquakes as he moved.He felt free.He heard the crying of the deer that laid out in front of him; biting through the flesh and allowing the warm sweetness of the deer to feed his hunger.He knew he was going to need more f
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#Chapter 8 – (Arina) Luna to Be
I wasn’t sure what to expect. This whole ordeal was weird for me. The ring that fit my finger so perfectly, displayed for everyone to see it on my hand, felt heavy.I had no idea how to be a luna; I had no idea what Jonathan expected from me, but I feared I would never be able to live up to his expectations. Out of all the beautiful werewolves, how is it that I was the one chosen to be his mate?Staring at him, I could feel the heat of my body rising and my heart growing heavy. He entwined his lean fingers through mine and held onto them firmly as we stood in his mother, Jess’s, kitchen.She had a rustic quartz countertop with food scattered across it. I could tell she had gone hunting that morning in preparation for dinner that night. She wanted to celebrate our upcoming marriage as a family to be.As we ate, we spoke a lot about wedding preparations. But it all felt like a foreign language to me. Jonathan wants to take me wedding dress shopping, Jess wants to cook all the food. I sat
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#Chapter 9 – (Arina) Wedding Dress
Sabrebite was a charming contemporary town of different shades of grey bricks and modern paved roads. The sidewalks were made of cobblestone that led to the town’s center where we stood. Surrounding us were high-rise buildings.The warm mist of the air tickled my features as the scent of freshly baked bread, from the nearby bakery, made its way through my senses. I could hear the chatter of the town and the giggling of those that swarmed through the busy streets.A small hole-in-wall shop sat at the back end of the town’s center. On display, in the window, were the most gorgeous wedding gowns I’ve ever seen. One was made of white feathers, a formfitting gown that expanded towards the bottom reminding me of a swan spreading its wings. Another dress was gold, accented with white pearls that expanded and grew larger towards the bottom of the fabric.The light dinging of the bell, as we entered the shop, alerting a small, figured woman sitting at her sewing machine. She had her dark hair p
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#Chapter 10 - (Arina) The Wedding
The wedding was simple, which is exactly what I wanted. It was held in the gardens of Sabrebite, overlooking the changing colors of the autumn leaves. The full moon was at the peak of the sky, shining its essence on the events taking place below. Leaves of reds and oranges were scattered across the cobblestone walkway and crunched under my bare toes as I walked down the aisle.The crisp air danced around my features and sent a chill through my body. At that moment, I wished more than ever that my mother could have been there. It felt almost wrong to have a wedding without her presence. Though at the same time, the way the air had splashes of warmth as the wind picked up, allowing for the leaves to circulate around my feet as I walked, I knew it was my mother walking with me. I could feel the love she brought to me on this very day. The same love that danced in the eyes of Jonathan as he watched me carry myself to him.I held the bouquet in my hands tightly; my fingers trembling with ne
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