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Their relationship was forbidden in their past life. He was a demon and she was an angel.He lost her even before he could confess his love.But they were given another chance in love.Can they find each other in this life. She is a human and he is a shapeshifter king.Will a king accept a human as his Mate?

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Ayoya Gado
I loved every moment I spent reading this book.. amazing work, keep it up ...️
2023-02-19 16:26:05
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Rebecca Georgiev
The last chapter Together is not available even though I paid for it...
2022-07-20 01:42:57
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Debbie Proffer
Chapters mused Darius and the next chapter are both the same please change this asap
2022-04-28 21:53:24
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Irajani Widjaja
Well done!!
2022-01-01 14:34:34
default avatar
Wow I love this book
2021-10-27 14:11:03
user avatar
Nice Story love it
2021-09-19 19:20:25
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Krishnan Sheila
Nice story I like happy ending
2021-09-09 22:28:21
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I love it! Love how the setting goes, It's better than knowing nothing about their past, Especially if it is about Reincarnation and their Past life. Love it so much.
2021-08-19 01:48:32
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Lisa Houser
nice book ...
2021-08-09 17:17:14
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Bella Jersey
This a great book with great characters. Yes there are angels and demons in this book. It doesn’t step on nobody religious beliefs. There good deal of spelling errors. If you could fix them the book would be greater
2021-07-14 07:58:00
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Lydia Sonia
Good story but poor use of vocabulary, reading will not help build up english especially for beginners.
2021-07-09 05:59:37
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Elizabeth M Lazaru
I really would like to see a moviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii8iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii8iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii8e about this it would be so cool 😎
2021-06-17 07:03:01
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Elizabeth Ru
wish someone made a movie of this it will be so cool love this story so much
2021-06-02 08:10:29
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Troy Kelly
Great story. Really funny. Loved it.
2021-05-25 19:35:32
default avatar
Excellent, I look forward to another
2021-05-23 01:49:00
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194 Chapters
Outside world
"Thea..."My grandfather William is standing near the entrance of my room. I look up from the book I was reading and give him a small smile. He walks into my room and lowered at the edge of my bed.His usual warm brown eyes are miserable and downcast. My grandfather is a good man. After my parent's death, he is the one who became my parent and caretaker. He labors in a garage nearby and most days we barely get to eat.That's why I never went to school. But my grandfather struggled to get me an online tutor so that I can complete my highschool. It's been 1 year since I got my high school degree. Now I am taking online classes for business management which he insisted upon.Grandpa never permitted me to go outside this house either. He often warns me that, terrible people who took my parents away are waiting to take me away from him too. Doctor Robin who is a friend of my grandfather said, it must be the trauma of losing my parents and my grandmothe
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The big bad wolf
My father seems to be rich. For the first time in my life, I boarded a private plane. From the airport a big shiny black car picked us up to take us to our destination."Are you alright dear. Do you need anything" my father asked me for the 50th time since we started from my Grandpa's place.That made me smile at him, and I assured him that I am fine and don't need anything.For which he smiled at me in return. "Dear, we are going to our home, which you already know. But that is not all. Our kind.. " his hesitation made me sad."I know about who you are the father" I made this easy on him. Of course I know who my dad is. He is a wolf shifter. My grandfather, even though he disliked my father for his own reasons, always used to tell me about who my father is and their King.Even though my mother is a human, my father loved her dearly. He convinced my grandfather for her hand in marriage. All the shifters were lead by a king
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The arena
The next morning i was woken up by the sound of steel clashing with steel. Upon enquiry, a maid informed me that the sound is coming from the training areana, which is just a few blocks from the Mansion.I brushed my teeth and washed my face, then changed in to a black sports bra and a 3/4th yoga pants. I tied my hair in to a ponytail. Then i made my way down towards the arena.When i reached there, i noticed that almost all of them stopped and stared at me. I felt self cautious, i was never in the middle of so many people. Some times my grand father says that, there is no way i can avoid being noticed when i go
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The King
It's been 5 months since I came with my father. So far my new life here is nice. I made some good friends, Maxmillan, orphelia, Amber. All my friends except Amber and I are trainee Wolf's. They want to become the royal guards. Both of them came from different packs.Amber belongs to the royal pack, which contains all the council members and the pack advisers who are much older than his highness. She is beautiful and soft spoken unlike my other two friends.
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The past 1
Darius POV"How is she"Althea's father Johnathan stares at me from the chair he is sitting beside her bed."Still not responding" he replies broken.I feel his pain. But he cannot feel my agony. I have seen her die far too many times to count. Every time it's the same. It feels like I am dying inside.The Lord above us gave her back to me, only to snatch her away again. Our bond, and her compulsion to save me, all comes from a place that is filled with love, hatred, pain and loss. I remember everything, she doesn't. The Lord above erased her memory as a blessing to her. He let me keep them as a punishment for all my sins. Never to forget her ever again.I have been searching for her for as long as I can remember. I am the oldest shifter ever present on the planet. That says something about how desperate I am to find the one I lost.I was confused when a girl suddenly rushes in front of me and takes a deadly blow, which i
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The past 2
"Althea, Go" I ordered her firmly when I saw her rooted to the spot."She can't" Smirked my father and there is an evil smile on my younger brothers face."Althea" I looked at her with dread."He somehow locked me here. I cannot move" she whispered."Let her go father" I requested him softly."Why should I" his careless answer grated on my nerves.I cannot let die, this is the reason why i left her in the human world, all those months ago. I was afraid that my reality will kill the dream of having her as mine. She dose'nt deserve this, she is cannot die today. I will be shatered if something happens to her. I simply cannot live with out her.That realisation opened my eyes to the situation in a new way. "I want her father" my brother Ornan asked my father, eying Althea with lust in his eyes.I blocked his view from her and stood in between them."Like hell you will" I thundered.I never yelled at him
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Stupid move
Althea's POVPresentMy head feels like there is a heavyweight on it. My body aches everywhere. Max's constant chatter with Li is not helping my situation. I open my eyes and look at the direction from where I hear his noise. "Hey..." my voice is barely a whisper.They must have heard me anyway, because suddenly My father, Li, Max and Amanda surround my bed with wide eyes and huge smiles."Thea...!" "Oh my God you are awake..""Finally..""You scared us..."They all started to talk at once."Guys..." I try to tell them to stop talking but my voice comes out scratchy and dry.I motion with hand to give me some water. Luckily they understand and Amanda brings me water while my father helps me to drink it.There are unshed tears in my father's eyes which he tries to cover by looking down. "Father..." I gently place my hand on his and try to smile. I wish it looked like one."You were s
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Not able to sleep
I was discharged yesterday. His highness was with me the entire night. He signed all the papers and within 10 minutes I am in my room in the Mansion.Apparently, the royal pack has a hospital in which I was admitted.The doctor whom I met there, is the pack doctor and there are 4 more doctors for different problems.They treat both humans and shifters, as there are some humans who mated with the shifters and some of their children who are born humans as well.The royal pack has more than 2000 people residing in it. Both humans and shifters combined.What surprised me the most was, his highness. He was so caring and attentive. It was tough to stop myself from staring at him and once I felt like hugging him tightly and never let go.Stupid, I know. But I cannot explain these feelings. I am not emotional by nature or that's what I think. When I was with my grandfather, I know what to expect from him. So there was never any high expectations and no ro
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I should push him away and run from there. I should feel repulsed that he is touching me without my permission and scream for help.I do neither, instead I feel more relaxed and peaceful."You should not let strangers touch you," he says after some time as if reading my thoughts."Will I look crazy, if I say I know it's you even before you sat behind me," I responded honestly. He stills behind me for a second and then relaxes completely. He brings me closer to him with a possessive hold around my waist."Darius" "What?" I ask him confused."Call me Darius" he clarify"Oh.," I say lamely."How? " I know what he is asking. He is asking how I know that it's him. But I try to deflate the question."I thought you will run away thinking that I am crazy." I avoid his question."I have been here for a long time to know which is truly crazy. And this is not that. You truly are crazy though, standing in front of me
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I wake up with an irritating sound of someone knocking on my door. When I open my eyes, instead of bright blue walls, I face black and grey walls. It's like a mini apartment.The bedroom and living room are separated with a glass wall with a sliding glass door. There are black and grey drapes covering the glass wall. The wall behind the bed is also a glass wall that goes all the way to the living room. The view of the lake can be appreciated from both the bedroom and the living room.Cream color rug greets my feet as soon as I get down from the huge bed. The living area is tastefully decorated with black color furniture and a glass coffee table and incredible artwork adorn the walls here and there.I know who's room it is. His cologne still lingers in the air. I must of fallen asleep last night, how embarrassing. I close my eyes and decide to leave his room before he comes back. I bath and dress up in my room. I need to get out of here to clear my head.
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