Assassin For The Don

Assassin For The Don

By:  SlaveOfSpiders  Ongoing
Language: English
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An impulsive murder of the next Tzar landed the Russian Mafia Princess, Dinara Anya Isyanov in the States as a fugitive. The perfect plan was to flee to a safer secluded area but the night she was to be shipped, she was kidnapped. Her Kidnapper insisted that she was their daughter, Serena White, who happens to be her doppelganger! With the shipment off-shore and Dinara on the shore; she decided an identity theft was in order. But as if she wasn't in jeopardy enough Serena White was engaged to the Italian Mafia's heir who was an arch-enemy of the Russian Mafia!

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6 Chapters
Identity Theft
Waking up groggily, I had a throbbing headache. It felt like the world going merry-go-round and a curse left my foul-tasting mouth, involuntary. My tongue flickered in my mouth trying to name horrible bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Unrecognizable but it was some medicine for sure.What the f*ck had they fed me?! I absolutely despise when someone plays with my body or conscious function. Whoever this was should damn well draft their wills!Blinking I tried to adjust to the light in the room. The first thing I did was feel the heirloom on my thigh. Still there.My breath hitched as my eyes roamed the length of my body. GOD! I was wearing the same clothing that I was wearing the night before and there was no ache in my body except the one in my head.I shut my eye and let out a shaky breath. I wasn’t r*ped which was a good sign. My hand reached my chest to even my breathing but then froze mid-air. I could move my hand!I wasn’t tied and I wasn’t in some basement with a leaking pipe and d
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Pampered Crimes
Dinara Anya IsyanovAs the woman dressed in maid clothing entered the room she smiled warmly at me which I didn’t reciprocate, “Miss, I am here to help you dress.”Then without waiting for me to say anything she went to one of the doors which was a walk-in closet to take out clothes. I followed her inside.I may not be girlish but I was a shopaholic and the closet I walked in was a heaven set-up for me. I was a girl, after all, one that was brought up in old money. Rack after rack limited-edition branded fabrics and accessories was just what I needed to calm my nerves.Damn! The girl must be an asshat to leave this closet to elope with some hobo!′ The whole closet was filled with top-notch brands, classically rich but nothing flamboyant, more in the lines of tastefully modest yet sexy. The closet sure was drafted by a fashionista.After an hour, I got ready with a bubble bath. It was relaxing after all the strenuous dread I had gone through.Looking at my reflection I admired myself.
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Planned Blunders
Alssandro Leone Romano“Such an exotic creature…” My murmur echoed in the empty office, as I observed the obscene yet intriguing woman on the screen.I tipped the scotch glass lewdly closer to my lips as the girl on the bed rolled about on the bed in a suggestive posture on her back, she had been slouching about for half an hour now. I have been watching her appealing grace since, nothing about her you can get tired of staring.Her long licking-worthy legs stretching vertically on the headboard. Her namesake skirt slid down further, pooling on her pelvis and my eyes traveled through her smooth knees to her lace-clad cunt. My eyes slid down to my lap. I was hard, raging rock hard.I wanted the woman on the screen to rub her plump ass, she was swaying, to soothe the itch I was feeling. I desired her seven ways from Sunday. She was one hot chick.She arched her back in a stretch, releasing a moan that should only be heard by a lover, and from where the cameras were set, I saw her deep cl
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Vanity Is Never In Vain
Dinara Anya IsyanovI am horny.I flopped back on the bed and swiped my hands on my forehead, my fingers disappeared in my hairline. I breathed hard as my legs clenched together.I am frustrated and perplexed. I’m rolling in a constant sphere of being bored to miserable and then horny. Ready to hunch over… horny!Two weeks had passed since the occurrence on the Breakfast spread when I officially took over the role of Serena 2.0, everything was back to normal. Freaking ludicrous, rotten, and gross normal. And I was back to being bored which leads to me being horny!Vanity sure was venomous! I never remember being horny or particularly aroused, I was like I was in the season. Or maybe it was the rebel in me wanting to refute the White’s strict decorum. I wanted a good oral, even old-school banging or humping would do. I could serve myself but I never went solo.The point being I am bored rigid and vain.I knew some bast*rd kept watch on me; some maids and guards here were too considerat
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Raven Head Witch
Alssandro Leone RomanoJames Mathews hung up and rounded his shoulder to get rid of the fatigue he now had. He is my Vice-President, henchman, undertaker, right-arm man. Despite his age and charisma, he was an ice-berg. A cruel callous bastard.Though he looked pristine and refined to the nines he had more blood on his hands than I did. We always had hired hands but this sadistic sicko liked to get his hands dirty. He took a pussy, disposed of it. He took a dime, impenitently.The bar wasn’t owned by Romanos but there isn’t anything that we invaded and couldn’t conquer. Invading the surveillance was a piece of cake. The Manager took us here and served.I took a swig of my scotch unrestrained from the bottle. I wasn’t in the mood. I had crawled half of Chicago following that cunt of my fiancé and I was irked now. First, she paraded the slums dragging my label and now she was adorning every low-life in Chicago’s stares.I wanted to fucking grab that sexy bitch by her hairs and fuck that
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Dinara Anya IsyanovHe was captivating, magnetizing, or was I in a besotted trance? He had his arms wound around me like shackles or maybe they were feather-soft touches, not cagey but too firm that if I was to wrestle, it would be for naught. Just like the act of taking air in and out, still not being able to breathe.He looked too exotic yet his ouch felt intimate despite knowing I’ve never felt such. Past my temper, I was hollowed of opinions of my next move.Alessandro Leone Romano was a beautiful Specimen. Costa Nostra Boss was more breath-taking than he looked in his 'Wanted' shots with his sky-high head price. Momentarily I was frozen for more reasons than one. His warm hands’ captivity, his intoxicating cologne, his imposing rock hard built under my dainty hands, or was it his emerald intense eyes peering into my soul?I couldn’t tell many things like what my surname was or what was his. If he was a wicked whizz, he had me under his charm, and then he chanted something my mind
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