121. Reality

"I'll open the wine, why don't you get yourself comfortable in the bedroom." Keegan offered as he opened the door for her.

"Wow, straight to the main course. I like it." Mara pushed her boyfriend against the closed door before getting on her tippy toes, circling her arms around his neck, and pulling him down for a seductive kiss. Her lips traced down his neck before she took his hands to her ass, making him groan when he squeezed them until she moaned his name breathlessly.

"Bedroom," He croaked and slapped her ass. Mara yelped, feeling surprisingly giddy before strutting to the bedroom while taking off her pieces of clothing one by one.

"Forget about the wine!" Keegan heard her shout from the bedroom. The man groaned before he abandoned the unopened bottle of wine and followed his girlfriend to the bedroom, picking up her clothes and then putting them on top of the console beside the bedroom door.

"Thank you, Keegan. Please...come sit next to me. I need you, I'm so horny. It was a
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