Babes Stripping for Love

Babes Stripping for Love

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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Babes is a strip club where the dancers danced, there are strict rules for the dancer not to offer themselves to their clients. Prostitution is a big no at the club. Though rules are meant to be broken, especially when the dancers are desperate enough to get extra cash. Babes cater to a high-end clientele of well-dressed men with various backgrounds, from rich sleazy playboys, and bad boys CEO executives, to cheating husbands with cash to spend for a private lap dance. The dancers at Babes are beautiful sexy women with different backgrounds from struggling actresses, and single moms with bills to cover, to students having to pay for their student loans, there are also women who just like to dance and be appreciated by men. But at Babes, people fall in love, strangely they found their match in the high-end strip club where they least expected. Follow this story and read how the dancers struggle for love and how the men find their future happiness.

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Delinda Schumacher
83 chapters 3-3-23
2023-03-03 23:15:37
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1. Opportunity
Strange things had happened she thought. But when her car suddenly ran out of gas in front of what looked like a strip club, Bree didn't want to take it as a sign. She needed a real job, the single mom has two more hours before she has to pick up Hazel from daycare."Missy, you can't park here," the big man with a thick mustache that looked like it was making a comeback from the seventies warned Bree."I don't intend to, it ran out of gas, I..." Bree pressed down the window button to let the man hear her better."Well, you can park it here," the man cut her words and repeated his statement with a stronger volume as if Bree didn't hear him the first time around.Oh god... she said on the inside.Suddenly all the stress from the last couple of days came rushing down, her chest heaved and her eyes started to get blurry.Oh god, not now... her inner voice once again replays the words."Dude, Elvis, it's not even noon and you're making a beautiful woman cry already. Not cool man..." a man w
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2. Auditioning
Bree had spent the whole morning with Hazel before she dropped her off at the daycare. Then she spent over two hours at her lawyer's office wanting to push her cheating ex-husband into paying her full alimony and child support. But then she was hit with new demand, her ex wanted joint custody should she ask for child support. "But that's not what the outcome of the divorce settlement is, it's all written on paper how can he do this?" but Bree knows there's nothing her sleazy husband wouldn't do to make sure she didn't get anything from him. The small amount of alimony barely covered all her basic needs and all her friends had shunned her when she was portrayed as an incompetent wife who couldn't keep her husband from straying. The money she kept from her parents' inheritance had almost gone for paying her unqualified lawyers when she went up against her ex-husband, Everett. The moment she reached her car she almost had a panic attack, her chest was heavy, and she had a hard ti
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3. Juggling
Since Bree got back from Babes and picked up Hazel from the daycare her mind was a bit at ease knowing that she'll be having a supposedly lucrative job. It made her want to start shaking her ass and pay all her bills. Next on her list was finding a better apartment for Hazel and herself since she was a bit worried every time she looked at the black stain on the living room ceiling. Hazel is a healthy four-year-old toddler and Bree intended to keep her that way. They were having their breakfast before she was scheduled to take her to the daycare. Bree already asked Mrs. Mancini to babysit Hazel again tonight. Bree really needs to find a way for her kid to have someone take care of her every night. For the time being, she told Mrs. Mancini, that she got a waitressing job at a bar, filling out the excuse for her to leave Hazel with Mrs. Mancini every night. But Bree wanted a better option, thinking she should let go of the daycare since she's not going to start working until five in t
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4. Danced
Bree had to remember the two videos before she rested her backpack on the chair and moved closer to her future boss. He had shifted to the sofa for her to have a proper space for the dance. She was glad that she was wearing her skirt and top instead of her skinny jeans. And she still kept her distance while he scrolled his phone and connected it to the Bluetooth surround system he had installed in his office. Her smile widens when she lets the rhythm of 'Familiar by Liam Payne' thump the baseline, and Bree starts moving her hips, swinging to the beats. She dipped low, her hands wrapped around her body, she twirled seductively and looked at him lazily. Her eyes hooded while she slowly unbuttoned her top. Bree smiled at him, biting her lower lip when she stepped between his legs and lower her chest teasing him the second her top was off and she offered him her bra-covered tits. The thought of doing this was millions of miles away, but there she was, moving erotically teasing the hands
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5. Needs
Gage watched Bree from his office window, he should've gone home by now but his eyes were still fixed on the new girl. She's too beautiful to be wearing lingerie and dancing for strangers. But he didn't want to scare her away by trying to have her for himself. He had a feeling she was still too fresh from her divorce. Bree was building her life back up and he didn't want to discourage her effort. He knows he's not perfect and after his lovely wife, he didn't even know if he was strong enough for a relationship. Gage rolled up his sleeves, put his suit jacket on the crook of his arm then looked at his gold wristwatch showing him it was already one in the morning. The boss man decided to come out of hiding and go back home. But Rocco greeted him and invited him for a glass of scotch, he agreed thinking the man had something on his mind. "I heard that she did the interview." The bartender emphasized the word interview with a hint of a smile on his face. Gage knows that the girls t
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6. Newbie
Last night was definitely a new experience for Bree, though she couldn't stop the feeling that she was being watched. She did think maybe Gage was the one who watches her, but then Rocco said the boss man was telling him that since it's Bree's first week they will all keep an eye on her. "Gage thinks it's your girl next door type of look, he didn't want you to be taken advantage of." Rocco shrugged while giving Bree a glass of water when she was on her break from dancing. Jade and Bree also talked last night, they exchanged phone numbers and she invited her over to Jade's apartment before they start working today. Bree was happy to know that Jade actually lives five blocks away from her crappy apartment. But first thing first, she was going to take Hazel to buy a new toy. Yep, Bree made a hundred dollars last night minus her expenses, yeah, she actually gets to bring money home on her first day. Jojo had reminded her to pay the house fee and tips for the bartender and security, and
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7. Boss
It has been a week since Bree became a dancer at Babes. The girls love her, Jojo hasn't complained and Rocco said she's learning fast. But the boss man, Gage, was not at all pleased with her progress, he still couldn't quite shake off the feelings he had deep in his gut towards his new dancer. That early morning it was pouring hard after closing time when Gage heard a curse from the entrance of the club. It was Bree, and she was talking to Elvis about her car that won't start. Gage knows he should not get involved but he couldn't help himself and offered her a lift back to her place. Elvis looked a bit stunned, his boss had never done that before. And Gage was fully aware that he shouldn't have offered her. He could easily tell Rocco to drop her off but he was on vacation with his girlfriend, Dee.Gage didn't trust the younger bartender and all the other girls had gone home because she was held up by Jojo for administrative purposes. Bree looked real frustrated with her car, even El
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8. Fever
Three days later Bree was still dancing at Babes, she still takes home a good amount of money and she managed to pay another bill. But she was stacking another debt at Babes for her car, though Jojo mentioned that she has six months of an installment payment to which she can absolutely manage to cover with what she makes at the club and still pay her other bills on time. But she really wanted to be debt-free, she liked the thought of saving her money for Hazel instead of thinking about what bill to pay first each time she gathered enough money for payment. Hazel was doing better, her fever had gone down but Bree still worries. She knows she needed money and she knows Mrs. Mancini was good at what she does. Bree made a mental note to give her a bonus in the next couple of weeks. She really needs to thank her for all that she'd done for both of them. But that same day when she was taking a break and talking to Jojo in her corner little office, Bree checked on her phone and her body s
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9. Kindness
The next day Jojo had rotated Bree's schedule, she managed to give her two days off and that's all she needs. She was still new, she didn't want to get cut because she was unable to work for two straight days. And those two days were all she needed since Hazel was discharged the next day.At least she was only paying for a one-day private room, her little girl was a bit cranky the next day saying she wanted to sleep in her bed. Late that afternoon after Bree signed off on her hospital administration and got Hazel's prescription, she saw Gage by Hazel's bed with another teddy bear almost as big as her daughter.No... Bree thought to herself, she didn't need to have Gage getting closer to her daughter. She didn't want Hazel to go through another separation process. Her little sunshine gave her thousands of questions when she realized her dad wasn't going to live with them again. The questions tire her already numbed feelings and she didn't need another one where Hazel might eventually t
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10. Trouble
The next morning Bree managed to pick up Mrs. Mancini before she goes to work in the afternoon. Lexie and Ivy, the other stripper moms had called asking about Hazel. They suggested her to stay at Lexie's when they heard the news. Bree was grateful for the offer, but she felt more at ease when Mrs. Mancini volunteered to babysit for her again. "Thank you again for doing this for me." She told Mrs. Mancini once they arrived at her new apartment. The older woman was busy complimenting her new place while Hazel quickly took her spot in front of the television playing with her teddies, sitting on the very comfortable sofa. Bree still couldn't believe that the apartment came fully furnished. "Oh, Bree darling, your luck is changing, I can feel it. That boss of yours is very generous." Bree blushed the second she mentioned her boss, Gage. She had told her about him, though she had said that he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart, Bree couldn't push the feeling that there might b
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