Chapter 152

Xavier stood at the edge of the cliff looking at the giant's soak in a pool of blood. He blinked his eyes, and tears ran down his cheeks as he thought of what his daughters must have gone through.

He spun around, hurried towards them and pulled them into a hug for the second time.

"How are my angel's doing? Do you have any injuries? Are you hurt? Are you starving?" He rushed out, the tears still running down his cheeks.

The girls disentangle the hug from him when they heard him cry.

Mariyah cupped his face in her hands, and used her thump to wipe his tears.

"Daddy, you are a hero, you're our superhero, why are you crying when you came to save us?"

"I'm sorry I came late, I don't know what I would have done if I had lose you. I don't know what I would have told your mom. You girls are all we have, I can't be separated from you again. You all are my life, you are all I have gotten."

"But Daddy, we are fine? You saved us. At first, we were scared this will be the end of us, not until y
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