chapter 156

The Lawyers defended their client's base on the little evidence they got, and there made up stories. It went on for about two hours, and the judge's just listened, while writing down some note.

Thirty minutes later, the lawyer's rested their cases. The magistrates whispered to themselves, and one of judges cleared his voice to talk.

"Before I give my Verdict, Mr white, I have a question for your client." He said, and continued.

"Mr Salvador, the evidence we have here shows that you murdered Ms Arya. My question here is: What was her offense? You were keen for revenge, what those her death got to do with your revenge?"

Salvador's lawyer abruptly stood up to defend him, but one of the judge's quickly hit the desk to shut him up.

"The question is directed to your clients and not you, sit down." The lawyer respected himself, and sat down while they waited for him to talk.

Five minutes into waiting, Salvador couldn't utter a word. He has so many regrets, even after everything, he did not su

Hey guys, what do you think? Drop your comment. Mr Xi never had a daughter, he only refer her as his daughter because she was his brothers child. Even with all the accusation, he kept her away from everyone for the pass five years. Thank you all for your endless support, the novel is coming to an end. I have a novel coming up for Norah.

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Mary Lynn Davis
I hate it when a writer can't keep the characters separated and confuses the names.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lily C Oton
thank you for your vivid imaginations on the story. I believe, this would have a happy ending after the storms in life..........️
goodnovel comment avatar
Tressa Fay Watson
I really enjoyed this story, but I can’t wait to see the ending of it. Xi senior has to live.

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