Chapter 4 - Sarael

I’m proud of myself. I managed to stay in control while in his presence, and after he left, things went without issue. But at the end of the night, as I was counting out the register, I spotted the copy of his card transaction. My eyes went wide, and I dropped it as my eyes saw his name. “John A Kinsley Jr.” I gulped as I dared even speak his name. 

THE John Kinsley was in my shop. THE John Kinsley is my soulmate!! I’m arranging flowers for a KINSLEY wedding! I was trying to wrap my head around that when another thought hit me. The Kinsley’s are werewolves! My breathing was erratic, but hey, it at least matched my heart.

I wonder how my family would feel if they knew. The Kinsley family has funded archeological digs for my family for a while. I don’t know if the Kinsley family knows they are funding hunters in their search for ancient artifacts to use against supernatural creatures. I doubt it. Why would werewolves fund hunters?

“Soooo?” Becky nudged me with her shoulder. “So what?” I asked. “The hot guy… John. Do you think he’ll call me?” she asked in a heavy sigh, leaning on her elbows. Her eyes were looking to the door like he would somehow show up. I rolled my eyes but then paused. “Wait? Call you? He asked for your number?” I questioned, trying hard to tamper down this illogical jealousy.

“What? Oh no, he didn’t ask for it. I slipped it into the calla lily bouquet.” she smirked. “Wait, were you… oh, you were jealous!?” she exclaimed, turning to me with wide eyes covering her mouth with both hands in shock. “I was not. I don’t think he’s the sort that would do something like that, so the idea sounded crazy.” I shook my head, trying to dismiss her correct guess.

“Mhm. He's too classy for that. But still, do you think he’ll call me?” she nodded. “You put the number in the calla lilies?” I frowned. “Yeah, not like I could slip it into the other one.” she said like it was obvious. “Probably not. Those flowers were for his mother’s grave.” I shook my head. “Aw. I don’t know, which makes me sadder. That he won’t be calling me or that he lost his mom.” she frowned. 

I arched an eyebrow. “Okay, so the fact he won’t call me bums me out more.” she sighs dramatically. “Think we’ll see him in here again? Or at all since we’re doing his brother’s wedding?” she sighed back to staring out the front door. “I don’t know. He is the brother of the groom and bestman. I don’t think we’ll see him till the wedding itself.” I shrugged as I finished the deposit bag for the night. 

“Go home, Becky.” I said, nudging her to the back. With a melodramatic groan, she obeys. I laughed as I locked up and shut off the lights. I wave to her as she goes to her car. I always make sure she gets in her car safely. I know this isn’t a town most consider dangerous, but anywhere can be dangerous when dealing with someone in the right or wrong mindset. 

Becky always teases me, then again, so do my other employees. They all think it’s funny that I make sure each of them gets to their car and tell them to park close to each other if they are closing without me. I don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. And I know I don’t look it, and sure I’m a little out of practice, but I’m still an Adio. I can take down a supernatural creature, so I can sure the fuck take down a human.

As I hit the button on my fob, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. I keep calm, cautiously glancing around the empty parking lot. My training kicking in as I tried to determine if someone was really watching me and what they are. Then my eyes noticed golden eyes in the brush watching me intently. 

There was nothing in those eyes but pure love, devotion, and admiration. It was John, or rather his wolf. He was here, watching me. Why? Is he thinking of trying to take me away with him? I’ve known of werewolves that would kidnap their mate, or I suppose kidnap isn’t always the right term. In their culture, it was the thrill of the chase some packs enjoyed. 

Would I want him to abduct me? Do I want to run and have him chase me like the predator he is? What the hell am I thinking? Of course, I don’t want that. But still, what is he doing here? He seemed to be very aloof during our meeting and as he left. Maybe he’s here because his wolf wanted to be. There is supposed to be a balance between the human and the wolf, but it’s not unheard of that one would override the other.

Like Alpha Alec… or as he goes by Alpha Chesed… in Italy is so dangerous that even my family wasn’t willing to risk going after. But he’s one of the few cases I’m aware of where the wolf has almost completely taken over, becoming the dominant of their human counterpart. I shudder for a moment as I remember the last file on him I read before I left fifteen years ago. He’d killed his own parents in cold blood when he was still a child. And killed many more after them.

I heard a soft whimper and glanced back to the bushes. The golden eyes were gone. The human must have won. John made his wolf leave. Good. Right? I wanted him to leave. I don’t want him to follow me home. I don’t want him near me. I don’t want him so close I could touch him. I close my eyes and lean my head against the door of my blue Ford Fusion. 

I shake away the dirty thoughts and finally get into the car, and head for my house. I loved my house. It was a quaint little cottage that I got cheap because it was in rough shape six years ago. Since then, I’ve fixed it up and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The motion sensor lights came on as I pulled up to my garage. With a touch of a button, the garage door rolled up.

That was one of the many things I had to do. I had to convert the existing carport into an enclosed garage and put in a door to access the house directly from the garage. I turned off my alarm as I entered the house, only to instantly turn it back on. I didn't turn the lights on initially, waiting to be sure it was safe.

And what’s the best way to know it’s safe? To know that no one has bypassed my security system? “MEROW!” Shu called out moments before I felt him rubbing his soft blue silver fur against my legs in a welcoming figure eight. I love him. He’s my baby. I had brought his mother with me from Cairo all those years ago. Sadly my beloved Hathor passed away four years ago. 

But I’d had her for sixteen years, and it was her time. And she left me with Shu. He was the only of her litter of kittens that I kept for myself. He is ten, and I adore him. I smiled, scooping him into my arms, snuggling him to me. “Hello, my darling. Did you miss me?” I coo rewarded with an opinionated meow. “Yes, I will get you your nightly soft food.” I nodded, flicking the lights on. 

From the garage, I basically walk into one big open room. As I walked through the living area, I hit the button on the stone fireplace, causing it to flicker to life, giving warmth to the space. “Now, let’s see what I shall give you tonight.” I smiled, setting Shu down as I reached the midnight blue kitchen opening the cabinets taking down a can of his Fancy Feast.

With a meow, he leaps from the floor to the white marble counter of the island. His sleek body moving regally the lights making shi spotted patterned shimmer with each step. “Ah, here we are. Tuna. Your favorite.” I smile, dishing the can out into his white bowl with his name in black on the side. 

As soon as it was in front of him, he was eating it like he was starving. I laughed, stroking his back as I glanced at his food and water dishes on the floor. He still had hard food. He’s just spoiled. “I bet you’d not like the person I met today.” I sighed, thinking about John. “Damn it, why do I keep thinking about him? Probably because he’s gorgeous and those eyes….” I shiver, squeezing my thighs, remembering him checking me out with those eyes.

“Merow,” Shu commented. Or at least I think he’s trying to maintain the conversation. But then, without his food even finished, he leaped from the counter to head to the cat perch that looked out over the back patio. “Shu?” I questioned, following him. “Who’s out there?” I asked, knowing this was not his usual behavior. I stopped and only slightly pulled back my gray curtains to peer out. 

Glancing at Shu, I saw his hairs were starting to stand up. What was out there that had him on edge? I tried to focus my eyes, wanting to know what he saw. And there they were, the golden eyes. “Looks like his wolf didn’t want to go home.” I sighed, reaching to stroke Shu. “That’s who I was talking about. I met a werewolf today. And get this, I’m his mate.” I scoffed. 

If I was to guess, he had no idea that I know what he is. After all, I'm a human. I’m not supposed to. So I decided to do the human thing. I made sure my curtains were closed and flicked off my lights. “Come, Shu. Let’s watch some Ted Lasso before bed.” I suggested scooping my cat up bringing him to the comfy sofa positioned across from the fireplace. Shu let out a growl, his gooseberry green eyes still on the back window.

“Hush. He thinks I’m just a simple human. So let him think I don’t know he’s out there. Let him think I don’t know what he is.” I shrugged, finding the remote turning on the flatscreen that was positioned above the mantle. Eventually, Shu settled into my lap, purring gently as I stroked his fur. And while my eyes were focused on the tv, paying attention to the episode laughing when appropriate, and just enjoying the show, my body was on high alert. I was aware that he was in my yard. 

He was watching me. And I don’t know how I feel about that. Is he stalking me? Is this going to turn into some creepy nightmare-fueled horror movie? Or is he out there because he can’t be away from me? Does he think I’m in danger? I laughed at that. I’m not in any danger. Or I wasn’t. The only danger is him and what his skulking around can bring. 

I laughed as I thought about how my neighbor would feel if she saw a wolf just chilling in my roses. Poor old Mrs. Cooley would have a heart attack, and if that didn’t kill her, she'd probably find the nearest thing and try to hit him to chase him off. The image of my eighty-year-old neighbor using her trash can lid to chase off John’s wolf had me doubling over laughing. Shu meowed indignantly, not liking that I was moving. 

“Sorry, Shu.” I apologized. I’d decided I’d watched enough tv, turning it and the fireplace off. Carrying Shu, I made my way to my master bedroom. I know my curtains are closed, but they are a little sheer, and if he’s still out there, he might be able to see me. So I may have swayed my hips a little.

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Jackie Huffman
I find that part interesting since she doesn’t have a wolf for him to be smitten with.
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so far it's almost as good as Alpha Logan.
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oh God I'm glad she's not like her family hopefully and they don't find out ever

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