Chapter 344

James’ POV

“Why the hell are you ordering just water?” I demanded with pursed lips.

“Because that’s what I want, obviously.” She responded calmly.

“That’s bullshit, I heard your stomach growl back in the car, you’re definitely hungry.” I pointed out and watched as a little color pinked up her cheeks. The freckles on her cheeks seems to come to life more here in the insides of the restaurant, giving her a radiant look, coupled with the way her green eyes gleamed brightly like two jewels.

“You’re telling a lie,” She argued but the bite in her voice wasn’t as intense as usual this time and I knew that I had been right, she really was hungry, proving me right that I had been right to keep worrying about her.

I ignored her and ordered for the waiter to bring different varieties of dishes, and when he had left, I had been greeted with her glare.

“I’m not eating any of those.” She pointed out and I lifted an inquiring brow. “And why is that?”

“Because I don’t have money
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