Chapter 343

James’ pov

I hated to admit it to myself that after I had dropped Blair off at her apartment after she had gotten discharged from the hospital, I had been unable to get her out of my head, which I wasn’t happy about.

When I had informed Luca and Luca that I was going to be unable to make it to Travis’ apartment because I already had plans, of course they had both automatically assumed I did that because of some random chick which I wanted to fuck. And of course I had let them believe hat on purpose, because there was no way in hell that I’d be telling them the actual truth which was that I wasn’t going to a club that night, but was going to go pick up Blair from her apartment and take her out to dinner, like we had both agree on the day I had dropped her off at her apartment.

There was just no way I could tell them that, because I wasn’t sure I understood why I was actually doing all these yet. It was most definitely not because of the money of my ruined suit and the money I h
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