Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

By:  JamJam30  Ongoing
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Alex and Bella were once the epitome of young love, their bond unbreakable. Just as Alex was about to propose, a tragic accident shattered their world, leaving Alex without any memories of their shared past. Bella, pregnant with their child, faced relentless opposition from Alex’s powerful family, forcing her into a life of solitude and silent heartache. Years later, Bella is a successful journalist and a devoted mother, raising a daughter who is the spitting image of Alex. When a chance news segment reveals that Alex has regained his memories, Bella is torn between hope and bitter resentment. Determined to uncover the truth and confront the man who once meant everything to her, she secures a position in the very building where Alex now works as a CEO, driven by a desire for answers and a simmering need for revenge. As their paths cross in unexpected ways, secrets unravel and old flames reignite. Will Alex and Bella find a way back to each other, or will the past's shadows keep them apart forever? A story of love lost, memory regained, and the quest for redemption, "Between Two Worlds" is a poignant journey through the heart's deepest trials.

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1: Echoes of a Forgotten Love
BellaWho would’ve thought that “us against the world” would quickly turn into “me against the world, and against the memory you have now lost”?It will be the biggest lie of mine if I say that none of this affects me, that I have faith in our love and that you will remember me in no time. But I would just keep on pretending, not until the negativity inside me melt away.By the time I was walking straight into your room, hospital corridors echoed with the hurried footsteps of anxious visitors and the hushed whispers of worried families. Amongst them, is me, and my heavy heart filled with anticipation.I stood outside the room 214, I could feel my handshake as I reached for the door handle. It’s funny how I rehearsed this moment a thousand times in mind, but nothing could prepare me for what really is waiting for me at the other side.With a deep breath, I pushed the door open and stepped into his room. The figure of a man lying on the hospital bed, whose features softened by the glow
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Chapter 2: The Darkness of Separation
BellaI feel like a lost child seeking help, but there's no one out there who could possibly save me. The world looks scarier than it was before, and I see nothing except its dark side. These aren’t just thoughts; they’re my reality. I'm afraid, not only because of Alex's absence but because my baby, who did nothing wrong, might end up living without a father.As I was walking across the silent road, I suddenly lost my balance. I tried to keep myself standing, but I didn’t have the energy. Just when I felt like I was going to completely fall, I suddenly felt the warmth of someone's arms catching me, and then everything went blurry.“Bella, I’m glad you’re awake.” It was my best friend Kristof, once again saving me from harm.“Hey,” I uttered as I tried to sit up. He quickly offered me help, and as he got close, I felt bad seeing his puffy eyes, as if he hadn't slept.“You should have got some more sleep,” he told me as he sat on a chair next to the bed.“I think you need it more than
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Chapter 3: A New Beginning
Bella Six years had passed, and luckily, I was able to stand on my own. I managed to graduate from college despite having to study while pregnant, and I’m now working as a journalist. I've become someone that many companies would love to hire, thanks to my determination, the skill that took me a lot of hard work to sharpen, and the strength that my family gives me.A typical day is about to start again. My grandparents are both watching the morning news with my daughter, Alliah, who, unexpectedly, is into this kind of stuff even though she’s only five years old.“Mom!” my daughter called me. “You know the guy I told you about the other day?” she suddenly asked. I could clearly hear her voice since the room I’m currently in is close to the living room where they are watching.“The what?” I asked as I fixed my top. “You mean the one you said was your idol for being rich?”“Yes, Mom. That’s it! He’s on TV!” She sounded really excited, which made me curious about who that person was. As
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Chapter 4: Unforeseen Encounters
AlexComing back here after years of staying in the US makes me feel as if I’m an alien returning to my hometown after transforming into a human. Yes, that’s how uncomfortable I am right now. I’m not sure whether it’s about the experiences I had, or if it's because I've already become accustomed to living as a completely new person.After my dad got sick, he pleaded with me to come home and take over the company. It’s the second time I’ve had to give up the life I want for others' sake, and I’m not sure why I’m even doing this.“Son, are you really going to stay at your old condo? Why don’t you just live here with us?” My mom, once again, asked me. She has been like this ever since I told her about my decision. “What if that woman comes back?”“Can you please stop talking about her? I am so tired of this issue,” I responded, trying to keep my cool. “I need to use that place before I sell it. Or maybe give it to Leo.”“Do you mean that?” She asked.I nodded and walked near her to give
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Chapter 5: An Unwelcome Reunion
BellaI never thought I would be given a chance as quickly as now. After finally accepting the transfer to HQ, I get to experience appearing on television as one of the main reporters. I don't know if I should say this, but I thank Anna for not appearing today. I hope she's fine, though.It's just one time, and I don't know when I'll ever get to do this again, but the experience alone made me feel as if I'm on cloud nine."Yes, Kris! I love it. I didn't mean to brag, but I feel like I was born for this," I felt as if my heart was going to burst with happiness as I was talking to Kristoff over the phone. "Too bad you're not here."Kristoff and I got to work together this morning, but for some reason, every time we have a chance to reunite or talk, someone comes and tells him to run an errand. We didn't even get to eat our lunch together. I felt bad for him since yesterday, as he had to go here and there, doing this and that, without even getting a break."So, how about a drink tonight?
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Chapter 6: Tension at the Table
Bella"This is unbelievable. Please try to pinch me, Kris," I uttered as I scrolled through my cellphone.We were now on our way to dinner when I decided to check if I really did well enough for our segment to hit the highest rating, and what I'm seeing are a bunch of articles talking about my newscasting yesterday.Kristoff suddenly stopped the car and touched my hair. "Instead of pinching you," he said and then pulled a strand of my hair."That's itchy," I complained as I scratched my head."Better itchy than hurt," he chuckled.He continued driving until we reached the meet-and-greet restaurant where they also sell alcoholic drinks along with variants of food."I thought we wouldn't be able to drink," I uttered out of excitement."Well, I guess we're lucky, but not that much," Kris commented."What do you mean?" I wondered."I heard the CEO's coming too. Not completely sure, but he says he will. Isn't he too old for that?" He slightly tilted his head as he said that.So, he wasn't
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