CEO's Woman & His Hidden Child

CEO's Woman & His Hidden Child

By:  ILma  Completed
Language: English
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Crystal is a doctor from a middle-class family. She is a single mother who fights every second for her daughter, to protect her, to be with her.Rayan is a successful businessman from a highly prominent family who conceals everything with the arduous side of him because of forbidding the least important chance of life that was precious than anything for him.Mistakes are common at 18, But how about the mistakes that were never considered as mistakes?At 18, they fell in love, loved each other like crazy that will beat any adult's love. Fate is merciless, it turned its back to them, caused them to fall apart. But fate can't perish the feelings, the consequence they carry. Or maybe worse.. it was all planned by fate.Everything seems to be okay until they meet again after so many years. An unexpected encounter uncovered the hidden consequence of them to him about which he wasn't aware of. How will he react? How will he fight now?**It's an unedited book, and the very first book I wrote. Mistakes are common. Read at your own risk.**

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94 Chapters
The world was as silent as if it ended in the night. The sun was still resolutely below the horizon and the street was as dark as some old-school black and white movie. Pulling myself up from the bed, I gave up on trying to get any more sleep. I had fought for too many hours to stay dreaming. Turning off my alarm, I went to the living room and stood by the large bay window that overlooked the street. With a thousand thoughts running through my mind, I found the darkness to be soothing. Honestly, the last time that I could remember waking up this early was seven years ago. Gazing out of the window, I felt a sense of serenity while I observed the street lamps, which looked hazy from the early morning dew. I stepped outside and inhaled a deep breath of the crisp autumn air. Autumn, it was. Memories from seven years ago flowed back to me as I settled myself down on the front porch steps. I felt emptiness wrap around me like mists. With a heavy hea
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The Incident
“Damn it! Where are the maids?” Richard Parker's voice echoed through the vast halls of the mansion. Instantly, two maids rushed upstairs to enter into his study while making sure that their heads were lowered.  “Sir,” they reported in unison. “Well, where is he?” Seeing the maids glance at each other, Richard let out an exasperated sigh. “Tell him that he has exactly thirty minutes to get his ass ready and to meet me at the car.” They nodded their heads and obediently left the study. The youngest maid rushed down the hall and knocked on the large oak door. But before she could deliver the message, the door opened and the young man smirked knowingly at her. “I know. I know. I heard him all the way down here. I’ll be ready in thirty minutes.” The maid smiled in relief and turned to go back as she still had chores to finish. “Who was it, Rayan?” The young man closed the door and smiled bitterly at his family’s secret
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Unexpected Encounter
After her evening rounds, Crystal went to the vending machines in the lobby for her break to grab her usual espresso. Hot cup of coffee in hand, she trudged back toward the elevators. “Evening, doc.” A smile spread across her face as she heard the familiar voice. She turned around and greeted, “Dr. Yejin.”  Pyo Yejin was Crystal’s fellow general surgeon and a long-standing colleague. “How was your day?”  Crystal chuckled. “Today was like yesterday. Tomorrow will be like today. How was yours?” Dr. Yejin rubbed her eyes tiredly while yawning. “Not so great. I’m absolutely beat and I still have a surgery scheduled for seven tonight. You—” “Good evening, ladies!” A voice interrupted. As the man normally inserted himself into conversations, Crystal didn’t even turn around as she heard him approach. “Evening, Dr. Alex,” greeted Dr. Yejin. Seeing Alex waiting impatiently for the elevator, Crystal rais
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Past Is Past
[Crystal’s POV] Stepping out of the operating room, I felt utterly exhausted. George was trailing behind me awaiting further instructions.  Removing my bloodied gown and gloves, I said, “After you transfer him to ICU, start the blood transfusion. Make sure to monitor his blood pressure and oxygen levels every half hour. Call me if—” I froze as I saw a man striding towards me. I know him. He was Rayan's father, Richard Parker. “Doctor! H-how is he? How is my son?” he demanded.  Internally sighing and wishing for this day to be over, I looked at him and informed, “The operation was a success. I suspect he will make a full recovery with proper rest.” Nodding towards George, I continued, “If you have any further questions, you can ask my assistant. You will have to excuse me now as I still have other patients to see.” Almost jogging to my office, I felt my chest tighten as my heart began to throb in my chest. Plopping down into m
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[Crystal’s POV] “Why did you do that? Why did you lie?” Alex asked me as we stepped out of the ICU. I could tell he was extremely mad. He broke free of my hold and stood his ground, waiting for my explanation. Rolling my eyes, I awkwardly cleared my throat. “Um, well, you know—” “That you are still not over him? Yes, I know that. But, did you have to do that? Just to prove a point!” I glanced up and saw him give me a disappointed look. Crap. He was beyond pissed. “That’s not—” I didn’t even have time to defend myself before the elevator doors opened. He stepped in and turning to face me, he shook his head. “God, you’re hopeless.” He sighed as he pressed a button and the doors closed. “Ugh, you little brat,” I cursed at him as I realized that I needed to get in that elevator as well. Pushing the call button, I stood there thinking, Am I really hopeless? I didn’t do anything stupid. I knew exactly who Raya
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Just For A While
Rayan was shifted to the VIP cabin of the hospital. He was half-lying on his bed, his head resting on the headboard, scrolling his phone."Even now, in this situation, you aren't noticing me."As the sudden voice filled the room, Rayan's eyes flipped open and he looked up at the person who was standing beside his bed, holding a bag. "Somin!" Here comes my fiancee who has finally found the time to visit me after a day of the accident.Somin gave him an unusual smile as she sat on the couch beside the bed after putting the fruits bag down on the table. "Are you alright now?" She queried, in her voice, there was no sense of anxiety.Rayan just nodded his head in response."When are you going back home?" She asked hastily as if she wants him to go back as soon as possible."Tomorrow." Rayan replied.For a moment both of them remained silent before Somin broke it again.
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School Canteen
"How are you feeling now?" Crystal asked Rayan when he entered the hospital VIP room the next day.Rayan swallowed hard as his breath becomes heavier and warm tears started pooling his eyes. He didn't understand why this woman makes him weak all the time. "Like you care." He mumbled as he looked away from her.Crystal sighed deeply. She was trying hard to control her temper. "Mr Rayan. I am your doctor. Of course, I care.""Come out of your profession and then answer this question." He asked even though he knows nothing was the same. Nobody was the same.He noticed the sadness that crossed Crystal's eyes just now. She cares. She still cares though she pretended she doesn't. "I don't." She lied.Rayan let out a faint laugh but didn't say anything. Everyone just lies to him. What is he?Crystal raised her brows. "Why do you laugh?"He just shook his head. After a whil
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Do Me A Favour
"Can you really walk?" Mr Joon asked worriedly. Rayan kept saying that he can walk by himself.Rayan stood up from the hospital bed and looked at Mr Joon. "My stomach hurts a little, not my legs. Don't worry. My legs are fine. I can walk." He assured.Mr Joon let out a soft sigh and followed him to the elevator.In the elevator, Rayan was supposed to press on the first-floor button. But something crossed his mind and, he pressed on the third floor.Mr Joon clenched his jaw. "Why? Why are we going up instead of going down?"Rayan exhaled a sharp breath as the bruised in his heart ached hundreds of times worse than before. "I want you to see someone."Mr Joon raised his brows and gazed at Rayan. He wasn't sure if he was in pain or not. But he was sure he was going to surprise him.When the elevator's door swung open, Mr Joon looked around. It's the office floor of doctors. Rayan slowly started walking, checking every single office, reading the nameplate which was hanging on the doors.Mr
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My Dad!
Another morning with the colors of sadness, covering the sky. The sun has come up and Crystal was sitting by a window, looking at the foggy outside. Her body shivered with a cold that will never go away, a cold that has been inside her for eight years.   She has no complaints about the path she has chosen to follow, it's always the right path. She wouldn’t have had it any other way.   Through her blurry eyes, she checked the clock. She realized it is time to let her feelings buried inside again. She stood and shuffled across the room; stopping in front of the bed where her daughter was snoring peacefully.   She on the bed, and leaned to plant a soft kiss on her hair. "Get up. It's 7." She whispered softly. She knew her daughter was awake, she was just pretending to be sleep.   She always does this. She knew after finishing the morning prayer, mom always loves to sit alone beside the window. She prete
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I shouldn't have fallen for you
"His BP is dropping." The nurse looked at Crystal worriedly.Crystal didn't look at the nurse. "Get some blood. Quick." She ordered. She put her hand up in front of the other nurse. "Give me the scalpel." She set the scalpel on the patient's hand and then she looked up at Dr. Rose. "Here?"Dr. Rose was looking in the monitor, he checked it again before nodding. "Did you find it?" She asked.Crystal cut the wound bigger before nodding and, extending her hand to the nurse. "Retractor."The nurse gave her the retractor and after using it to separate the edges of the wound, Crystal glanced at Dr. Rose.Dr. Rose sat on her seat as she stood up, she needed to pull the veins to tie it with others. "Tell me if you can feel." She glanced at the patient.After finishing the surgery successfully they came out of the operation room. Crystal came to her office. It's time for her to check the new
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